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Frisbee and Celebrities

Had a small pool side gathering with the frisbee players at my place.
A small introduction to the players on the Ultimate Frisbee team.. Ronnie Ting
Ronnie and Reena
Ronnie reminds me a lot of Dennis!
Some said the same thing!
Had a little frisbee and beer session over at my place!

Left to Right : Dino, James and Aaron
A night out with the Bird Boys. (They're actually called Bird Watchers)
Big Will

Moving on to work..
*Picture credits to Shadow*
Working with Astro was such a pain but also an amazing experience. Got a chance to meet Steven Ma, Myolie Wu, Raymond Cho and Sonija Kwok.
They are one of the few stars who stars in a lot of the Cantonese dramas that always premiere on the Astro On Demand (AOD) channel.

Steven Ma Chun Wai
That's him. He was going through the crowd really fast  so this was the best picture I could get of him.
Myolie Wu Hang Yi

She can really sing! (Sorry bout the blurry picture)

Didn't manage to take any pictures of Sonija Kwok Sin Nei and Raymond …

Astro on Demand in 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu

Was a promoter for Astro on Demand (AOD) to promote their packages for the whole month together with my friend, Krystal and Jade.
Well, that's all for now! Till then!



It was so different hanging out without Esther. It was just me and Pricilla.
Managed to catch up with Sarah after she got back from Canada!

Had a small birthday celebration for Sarah!

There are times when we have to say goodbye.. Its the day when we had to bid farewell to Sarah again.

My two girlfriends who just love to camwhore!