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Year 2010

Hey ya'll! Happy New Year to you guys out there! Have you guys listed out your new year resolutions yet? I know I've got tons of things I wanna improve this year!!
What does the New year mean to you?  Here's what it means to me..
- New start/chapter/beginning  - New stories to tell/share  - New plans/resolutions  - New things/stuff/etc  - New friends  - New places to go/see/visit/explore  - New things to try  - New memories - New attitude  - New experience  - New challenges - New style/trend/fashion - New Inspirations 
and most importantly...
Well, ever since I've started working. I've changed into a much more different and mature person.
I have experienced so much when I started working with Dino in Imperial International Hotel  and I've learned so much in such a short period of time. 

Here's part of my new year resolutions for this year!!
- LOSE WEIGHT ( at least 3-5 Kgs ) 
- BE A HEALTHIER PERSON (More veges,fruits and cut down on alcohol)
- Ta…