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Throwback Wednesday

Found some old photos in my computer and decided to upload them.

Borneo Headhunter's Hat Frisbee Tournament - Part II

Some photos from the Tribal Themed night.

After the party and all..We had a small post mortem in Starbucks,Warisan Square.  Quite a number of us showed up and it was a fun meeting!

Group photo!

Borneo Headhunter's Hat Frisbee Tournament

Hey hey people!
Last Saturday, there was a frisbee tournament going on. Soh and I were the time/score keeper for that day.
We had a little registration party on the night before the tournament in Upperstar, KK. 

Here are some photos taken on the tournament day itself..

Here we have the team captains!

Shoe socks Vs Nike Shoes

Borneo Headhunter's Hat Group Photo
After the tournament, we had a party and the theme was "Tribal Theme" night for us. Here's some pictures of us with our sunburn.

Sun burn!