Sunday, August 15, 2010

DIY : Beaded Off Shoulder Top

Hey ya'll!!

As many of you guys know I love doing DIY stuff.
Spent a lot of time doing this! Had so much fun but was really tiring. 
This DIY was inspired by my favourite blogger from Behind The Seams.

Check out her DIY lace nails and DIY Wrap-turn-Scarf.
Looks quite easy and fun!

Inspired by Behind the Seams!

You can check out her DIYed shirt that she made too!
Well.. the steps are quite simple!

Supplies that you need : 

Tshirt, Scissors, Wooden beads, Ruler, Pencil  and a Toothpick or Needle.

You can get these from the tailor shops.
Its really cheap!

Step One : Cut off the bottom hem.

Step two : Measure how long you want the strips to be and draw
a line across the shirt just in case the length of the strips that you're gonna cut are uneven.

Step Three : Twist the ends of each strip and begin beading it. 
Its easier when you use a needle or toothpick to push the fabric through each wooden bead.

Step Four : Tie a simple knot! Its that simple! 
You'll be amaze with the results!



  1. Heya!
    I didn't know you were into DIY stuff until I saw your link! Cool! Nice job on the beads!

  2. Thanks! xD Always loved DIY stuff since I was a kid! I read ur blog and love ur works too!!! xD