Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Island hopping

Kenny,Jade ,Krystal (Jade's sister) and I went to Manukan, Mamutik and Sapi island 
for a nice relaxing day on the beach!

Kenny the Dragon Fish (Inside joke)

Actually our trip was only to Manukan island  and suddenly the boat guy offered us 
a FREE ( yes you heard me ... FREE ) not one but TWO trips to two other islands
which was Mamutik and Sapi! Yay island hopping!

We snorkelled in Manukan but was really upset cause' the water was so dirty!
So we brought our gears to Mamutik and Sapi instead.
I brought along my frisbee too!

Didn't get a sunburn but a slight tan which I was hoping for after this trip.

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  1. Yes, dragon fish Kenny, deep fried tanned Bev... man.. what's an island trip without Carlsberg.. hHahaHaha
    Oh, btw, nice blog! I need to update mine..sighh..