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Bang bang!

♥ Happy Birthday Mummy ♥

Its Mummy's birthday today!!! Got her one slice of cake since I KNOW we cant finish a whole cake (whether its big or small) cause' we were all too full from dinner.

My mum seems to be really happy and the funny thing is my mum got herself a new  desktop as a present! =.='''

Done and over with...

Finally the busy weekend is over!  Feel like the weight of the world is gone too! Counting down the days while solving  rubik's cube..

♥ Lots of Love ♥

A new look!

Gave my blog a whole new look ! I love it! xD

Happy Birthday!

Its Hung Hung's birthday today!!! (Actually its tomorrow) We decided to celebrate her birthday one day earlier for her! 
We all got her a new bag for her pressie! Plus, we even creamed her cheeks with whipped cream! xD


Tick tock..

Happy New Year 2011!

Just wanna wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!

May this year be an awesome year  for us all and many good things to expect for this year!!
Hehe! Had to post this picture up!

My little nephew! Stressed out from all that work and I have finally survived for 3months! Its time to cut some slack and relax.. Was really sick on Christmas day and came down with a fever due to all that work and lack of sleep.

Here's a small post on how I spent my New Year's Eve for 2010! 2010 was a good year for me. Accomplished quite a number of things that was quite unexpected for me.
Tired me from work.. 
Rocker Chic style last night!
We were out partying at the Hitz.Fm New Year's Eve Bash and I met quite a lot of new people there! Had a blast!  Was out wit the Ultimate Team and also finally REUNITED with my darlings after such  a LOOOOOONNNNNGGG time! (Seriously a long time I tell u..xD)
Felt good to be able to see everyone! =)