Saturday, February 19, 2011

Peniel Aka Peng You, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu,Sabah

Hey hey hey!!
Lovely Saturday morning in KK today!

A few days ago, I went for a small food review with KK blogger,
MeiTzeu from Sketches of Life!
For those who really love food and need an opinion or suggestion
on where to eat, you can just hop on over to MeiTzeu's blog!
She does a lot of personal reviews on food that she has tried from all over Malaysia!

Not really an official one but its a start. The food was just awesome!
We tried out 3 different types of dishes and 1 dessert! This place
is more to Hakka Cuisine but they do have western food too on their menu!  
Price is reasonable for the portion that they serve. Its HUGE!

On to the dishes! 

Hakka Lau Su Foon
Lau Su Foon topped with minced meat, chun gien, char siew and veges

Its called Lau Su Foon because the noodles aka jelly is shaped
like a rat's tail. Lau Su literally means rat in chinese but 
dont worry..Its not made out of rat meat..=.=

This is how it looks after everything is mixed up together!
This is just so yummy! *drool*

Then here we have ...

Fried Beef Shank
Fried beef mixed together with white carrots and onions and topped
off with chopped spring onions.

For those who loves beef, this is perfect for you!
The meat is cooked perfectly and not hard to chew
(Like some other places I went.. the meat is as chewy
as a chewing gum.. =.=")

3rd dish ...

Rice Wine Chicken Soup aka Wong Jiu Gai

This is one of the best soup I have ever had so far eventhough
I dont love Wong Jiu Gai but this is just tempting. The amount of
rice wine in this soup is good enough to make u go high! xD
According to the chef, this soup is just pure rice wine.
No sugar or water added in the process but lots of ginger!

And last but not least..

Fried Ice Cream
Fried bread filled with ice cream

This is actually frozen ice cream fried in hot boiling oil for just 2seconds!
How cool is that and not to mention how crunchy it is! 
The longer you wait the faster the ice cream will melt inside because
of the hot fried bread on the outside! It reminds me of a UFO!
Look at the shape! So cute!!

Well, thats all for now!
Till next time!!


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