Friday, April 15, 2011

Gayana Eco Resort : Alu-Alu restaurant

Im back with a short update!

Below me is a picture of Gayana Eco Resort!
Just look at the view and man..I
 so wanna go over for a tan, snorkel, eat ..etc etc..

Here we have Alu-Alu Restaurant.

Only a 15-minute boat ride away 
from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, this restaurant interior is
 luxurious and authentic, offering a minimalist approach to luxury
 dining that is thoughtfully comfortable and uncluttered.

I heard that all fish served in this restaurant are raised from the
 resort's own fish farm with the objective of not disturbing the natural supply of the sea.
The fish farm has been awarded the “Good Aquaculture Practices” 
certification by the Ministry of Fisheries, Malaysia. 

The fish are organic as no chemical substances or growth 
enhancers have been used in the feeding of these fish.
 Apart from that, Alu-Alu also does not serve Shark’s Fin Soup in its menu.

I'm so excited to go for a trip down to
 Gayana Eco Resort just to try out what they have!! 
Everyone has been talking bout it and all I can say is.. 

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  1. Tell me when you're going so I can show you around!!