Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ka-ching me all the way with Grapevine by Nuffnang!

Hey guys!
I'm here to share some info with you guys
on earning ka-ching (aka money) with Grapevine by Nuffnang!
Yes you can earn some money from my blog! 

It's very easy!!
Here is what you have to do :

Just hop on over to my blog's sidebar. You will notice the
Nuffnang advertisment box on the right side of the sidebar. 
The box is always there and sometimes there’s another box right below it.

Here's the ad and below the ad there's this new box which
 is the Nuffnang’s Grapevine column, where it allows you to share 
the ad you saw on my blog to your friends.

You can either share it by clicking on any of the 
Twitter, Facebook, MSN or Email icons.


 You can choose to copy your unique link from
 the box and put it on your blog or site.
 Every click generated from the unique link you shared will 
generate $ for you. How cool is that! =D

Just fill in your email in the box provided and you will 
receive an email how to redeem the earnings. It’s that simple and easy. 
You can visit here for more info!

p/s : Do click on my link for me please!
 Just a click and that's all I need! Its not a virus so 
dont worry about it! Every click is much appreciated! 


Till then!


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