Monday, June 20, 2011

Mizz Nina and Friends (Meet and Greet Session)

Hey hey hey!!
Its Monday! Got the Monday blues?
Well..I'm back with a short post
that has been pending for ages in my drafts. =.=

Earlier in June, Charlotte and I had been quite
busy getting involved with the photoshoot
for Breeze Magazine! After Atikah's photoshoot,we had to cover 
a press conference where we get to meet Mizz Nina, Sona One,
Pop Shuvit, DJ Mootz and lots more! It was so much fun!
They were all so friendly! Not forgetting funny too!

DJ Cassie from Hitz.Fm was there too being the host for the 
event. A whole group of fans were waiting on the other
side of the room waiting anxiously to meet these celebs!

Thanks Charlotte for helping me get my CD
autographed by Mizz Nina herself! xD

Okay! Pictures time!


Happy people! xD

Mizz Nina!

Mootz in da' house!

The fans!

Autographs by everyone! xD

DJ Buzz 

More piccies here!