Sunday, July 24, 2011

Books and Rocks

Happy Sunday y'all!
Such a beautiful sunny day here in KK!
Miss blogging as my lappie is still
sick in the hospital... T_T

Here I am today chilling out
with my story book and some nice light and easy music!
Using my papa's laptop to blog as I'm already itching to blog!
Perfect Sunday today! Loving the sound of people chitter chatter
and watching them climb! Won't be climbing today as
 I'm having muscle aches from climbing for 5 hours yesterday..

So for those who are itching to try out indoor climbing
or just fnding something fun to do on a Sunday?
Just come over to SICC (Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre) !

Anyways, have a great Sunday y'all.
Will be getting my lappie back next week!
Cant wait to start blogging again.

1 comment:

  1. Hey hey, bloghopping here... hop hop LOL.

    Ooo rock climbing ka. Hmm I think I need to exercise A LOT before I even dare to think about climbing that haaha.

    Happy Sunday!