Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wisdom much?

Last month,
 had my wisdom tooth extracted which I think nevergave me wisdom at all but massive pain for weeks.
So, I bravely walked into the dental surgery place just to make an appointment to extract my tooth!
They had me do an X-ray and a small review before going through the procedure.

After all that waiting, I FINALLY got it out. All that pain,sweat and tears, it was so worth it.
Good riddance! The funny thing I found out after the extraction was the shape of my tooth.
The roots were curled instead of pointing straight down. Not only that, my tooth had only 3 roots which
1 of the root was fractured which none of us know how it happen. 
Went for an X-ray to check where the fractured root went and we couldn't find it. 
But anyways,I think my tooth looks really cool!

See the curled up fractured root ?

Cool tiny X-ray 

A picture of me with my healthy teeth!


  1. That's a very unusual tooth shape.

  2. It is fairly common to hear horrible stories about tooth extraction. Your brave and 'it needs to be done' attitude is quite refreshing. What most people forget are the days or even weeks of chronic pain prior to the dental procedure. Keep smiling!

    Emory Lanzi