Friday, November 11, 2011


I finally gave in to Yoga..
(Long story behind that)

I found out that in order to calm down and also to improve my sense of balance,
Yoga is a good way to do so. It really helps to calm my mind and also to distress!
 It shows me what my body can do which I never knew I could.
 It helps me to be more flexible and also helps improve my climbing postures and movements.

Looks hard?
To be honest,its hard at first but after a few tries its actually quite easy!
A few poses that I'm still trying to master at the moment which I think is the most
simplest and basic post ever!

At first I saw this I went like"Cheh! Seems easy la.."
but when I tried it myself I kid you not I was seriously sweating buckets and literally shaking!
But then I found out that its quite relaxing doing this!


  1. I really want to give yoga a try in the near future. it looks like zen mode to me, and i think its really nice :D

  2. Used to be very interested in Yoga previously, but as I grew older, my joints gets harder. I did some mild stretching occasionally, should get back to doing that more often.

  3. Yoga is the best exercise to make ourselves more calm and relax...