Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recap for 2011

Good morning y'all!
Gloomy Saturday on a New Year's Eve today!
Just gonna do a recap of what has happened throughout this whole year!
I must say this year was full of surprises for me!

I even made new friends and tried out new things!
Not to mention I even crossed out some things that was 
in next year's resolution list! xD 

Let's get started!

Mummy's 52nd birthday!

Had bangz for the very first time in my life!

Won a lil' somethin' from The Body Shop for 
submitting an entry for Valentine's Day!

Spent Chinese New Year at Mei's place
with the Boutique Cupcakes team!

A trip to Gayana Eco Resort after 4 long years
for a food review with the bloggers!

Visited the orphanage!

Got a chance to meet Che'nelle!

*Picture credits to Hayden*
Even got a chance to party with Che'nelle!

Not forgetting, I got a chance 
to meet Henry Golding! 

Got a chance to meet Mizz Nina!

Mootz from Pop Shuvit!

Was involved with the Breeze Team for
a photoshoot with Atikah!

Mei's surprise birthday party

Attended Breeze Magazine's Anniversary party!

Finally got my very own dream catcher from my 
papa, Dennis!

My love for rock climbing has grown
even more!

Extracted my first wisdom tooth!
(2011 must really hate my wisdom tooth)

Being involved with the very first
Shopaholics Bazaar 2011!

My company sponsored for SICC (Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre)
1st Anniversary competition!

Not forgetting I met Misayo this year!
My very own Japanese sensei!

FINALLY got my very own climbing shoe!
(Thanks Melissa for this awesome present!)

1 year anniversary

Hopped on a plane to...

Taipei, Taiwan again! 

Attended Chivas event!

*Picture credits to Hayden*
Finally attended Twestival after missing the first one!

Attended a formal Malay wedding for the very first time!

Not to mention wearing a Baju Kebaya for 
the very first time too!

Did an interview with Pesawat!

Welcome home Lely!

Manage to snap a picture with my cousins!

Had an awesome birthday surprise 
from everyone!

Finally snorkel for the very first time with Misayo!

My very first abseiling experience!

Had my very first photoshoot shoot 
with Bandwidth Magazine!

Organized my very first Preloved Treasure Hunt event!

Finally bought a Bamboo Wacom Pen Tablet!

Had an awesome X'mas dinner 
with my family


Being so very blessed with so many things that God has
provided and planned for me! Not forgetting the most important part..
This is the year where I met new friends, getting closer with them
and also did the unexpected together!

Met Charlotte for the very first time at the Face2Face Party 2011
after  stalking  reading her blog for quite a while and 
thanks to her I had a chance to be involved with so many things
ESPECIALLY joining the organizing team for A Shopaholics Bazaar!

(All three of us had to post this up! xD)

Got closer with Meitzeu and also
learned a lot from her on becoming a better blogger!

Met papa, mama and baby Ku!
Papa has been really supportive as a friend 
and also a PAPA! 

Met this little sweetheart who stole my heart at the 
climbing centre! 

And guess what..

Got closer with everyone in the climbing centre
and thanks to them I have never given up on climbing! 
Though I maybe Acrophobic , that has never stopped me from climbing! 

Longest post I have ever done!

To my family members,

 I love you guys so much
and do forgive me for all the mistakes that I have done.
Loving me is the greatest gift I could ever have from you guys!
I have grown into a much more mature daughter 
in this family! 

Last but not least,
Thank you again to all who have always been there
for me and also for all the love and care!
This year wouldn't be this awesome if it wasn't for you guys!

Let 2012 be a new beginning for everyone!
If you failed, try and try again. Fell down, stand up tall.
Feeling lost, find a way. Let all that negativity stay in 2011 and 
welcome to the new year 2012!