Friday, December 9, 2011

Super Mario World (Nintendo)

T.G.I.F y'all!
Hope y'all had a good week! 

Lately I have been scouting around for new games to play.
I have been a gamer ever since I was 3! The very first game I learnt 
to play was Street Fighter and Pacman
Then I started watching animes such as Sailormoon,
 Dragon Ball, Ranma 1/2 and etc etc.. 


Ranma 1/2


Then as I grew older..I think when I was about 8..
I fell in love with 
 As long as it is a Super Mario related game I would be the first
 to fight for the game to play at home!
I have always love watching my cousins play and completing each stage 
and defeating every boss! Its just fun to watch how good they are!
 So I decided to pick up the joystick and try out the game!
They even have it in PC version!

Been playing for years and also side tracked by other games
during that time..Never finished the game UNTIL a few months ago!
FINALLY finishing every single stage and secret bonus whatever they have!
I know its sad right but I FINISHED THE GAME! 
 (Just browse through the pictures and you'll know what I mean)

Had to look up wiki,guides and believe it or not..
even YOUTUBE just to see how they complete the stages 
and how they defeated the bosses!

Here are some screenshots I took throughout the
whole game! I bet you guys have never seen some stages
and monsters before! Well, enjoy!

Bowser's Family Circle

After completing the whole game, 
Super Mario World turns into Autumn Season!

Monster will all start to look different!

For more pics, click here!

I have been playing a lot of other games over the years
such as Pokémon (love em'), The Sims, Diablo II,
MapleStory, Dragon Nest..etc etc..
Boy I love gaming!! 

Diablo II


The Sims


I must say I had the best childhood days ever 
where camera films were manually rolled, playing marbles,
NINTENDO GAME BOY were the in thing and a whole 
lot more.. Missing the good ol' days!

Old Kodak film camera

The one and only
Nintendo Game Boy!

The one I had


  1. The first game I played on the 1st Gen GameBoy was Tetris, then Pokemon, the first RPG game I successfully finished, caught MewTwo and yeah.. the MissingNo. :D

  2. some people just thought that game is a game... they will never understand why we google for all the walk through guide and stuff... haha

    omigosh mario for the win!

    i love tetris, and and... a lot of game i also forgotten whats the name already... during macro genius time :D

  3. very nice blog! i love super mario world and i am playing it always with my bro on my snes its really nice, but needs some skills to reach the end, many tried it but they said its too hard, i there is none better then me in my city on this game(before) i have finished it and i'm 9 years old :) and im ending 22 now and i still love it and playing it...from my gaming experience i think that there is a kind of excitement on the 2D games that is not available on the 3D ones...