Sunday, April 8, 2012

かわいい ♥ (Cute!!)

Happy Easter y'all!
How y'all doin'? Good I hope! 
A couple of days ago, my friend, Misayo came back from 
Japan!! She's from Osaka,Japan and she went back 
for a short trip to visit her family. So I told her to bring me back some
cup noodles or any souvenirs from Japan and she did!

How cute is everything!! Man I really hope I could go to Japan
someday! I love everything about Japan! By the way, that cup noodle was
really good but too bad it was a little too small for my hungry tummy!


  1. Meitzeu > cute kan! His name is Donut!
    Tom > blerrkkk! Jom we go Japan and buy some more! XD

  2. Miahahaha that black Donut is just too kawaii xD

    oh nom nom noom xD

  3. Oooh noodles! *drools* and the matcha packets look nice! I love tea, hehe. :D