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Batu Caves, Damai, Kuala Lumpur (Part II)

Hey hey hey! Alright moving on from the previous post!
(Day 3)
After a long night out till 4am, we went home and slept at around 5am and woke up at 8.30am.
Zombie mode ON the 3rd day of the trip but it was worth it! Stress free and relaxed we set off
 to Batu Caves once again! This time we climbed on the other side of the wall! 

Don't know why but these little bugs love Donald's bag! He got rid of 2 spiders and they kept coming back and not to mention this furry little
poisonous thing on his shoe!

Saw this little guy on the branches! SO COOL!!

We met up with Din and Meng Koo on that day and boy do I miss those guys alot!
Din even brought his hammock along! Most of were busy laying on the hammock while other were climbing! 
The Backstreet Boys of SICC

After a long and hot day in Batu Caves,
some of us headed off to PCP (Putrajaya Challenge Park) to climb some more! HUGE GYM!
And I got a chance to finally meet up with... Kay, owner of  The Print Tee and Daniel from room8five!

Batu Caves, Damai, Kuala Lumpur (Part I)

What's up peeps? Hope you guys are having a great day today!

Last week,
my friends and I flew to Kuala Lumpur for our rock climbing trip that was planned last year. Our long awaited trip that has finally arrived!

It was a 5days trip to KL and boy were we all excited! Most of us couldn't sleep the night before the trip. Excited like a little happy puppy! About 12 of us who went on this trip! (9 guys 3 girls)
(Day 1)

We had an awesome time not to mention the excitement of climbing outdoors for the 2nd time! Lots of ups and downs during the trip as well as miscommunications but let's put that aside for now. 

I must say this is the 1st time I travel to KL just for climbing and only climbing!
No time for shopping but lots and lots of climbing! We visited Camp 5 on the 1st day right after we touchdown.

Signing up and signing in to climb in Camp 5!

My Camp 5 member card

Auto Belay machine

View of the clouds from inside of the gym..Beautiful!

The Professional wall
(30m overhang)