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Rock On 3 2012 (Rock,Chalk & Climb), Fairy Cave, Kuching (Part II)

***Warning! Massive photo uploads***
Photo taken on Day 2 *Photo courtesy of Kuching Climber and Malcolm Jitam.*
(Day 3)
Woke up to a nice chilly morning as it was raining on the morning of day 3.  We were all so lazy to get up but the walls were calling! Freshened up and gathered in the breakfast hall.  Discussed our climbs and plans over bread and coffee while the boys were having a nice conversation with the owner of Nomad Borneo Bed & Breakfast.

Left to Right : Me, Roy, Timmy, Gg (aka Haziah) , Chris and Ron
Chris made us felt so welcome and he's such a friendly guy! Definitely will crash at Nomad B&B again the next time we come back to Kuching.
After an awesome breakfast, off we go again to Fairy Cave, Bau. This time we didn't get lost but instead we stopped by  the little town of Bau to grab some food in case we get hungry throughout the day.

While the boys were buying our food, Ron and I accompanied Gg to hunt for her food. We saw thiscool little mountain which looks …