Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KK Burger Bakar, Tanjung Aru Plaza (Open Air Food Court), Kota Kinabalu

Good day y'all!
I'm back with another food post!

Last Saturday,  a few bloggers went on a hunt in Tanjung Aru Plaza for the
 FAMOUS Burger Bakar that everyone had been talking bout.
It was nice seeing everyone. It has been a while.

 Everyone just chilling while the chefs prepare our burgers..

 Beef patties, Cheese, Chicken Patties and Beef Bacon. *drools*

 Lava Gunung Kinabalu Full Blast (Rm 34.00)

5 juicy beef patties, egg, beef bacon, cheese,
 chilli sauce and black pepper sauce.YUM!

 Juicy and sloppy enough for ya?

 This was how BIG the burger was! 

*Picture credits to Charlotte*

The burger was too big and tall to eat 
so we decided to ask the chef to cut it into half.
It looks like chocolate cake!

 Double Six (RM 13.00)

2 beef patties, cheese, lettuce, chilli sauce and black pepper sauce.
This is like a medium size burger.

Taj Mahal (RM 8.00) 

This one has beef patty, egg, chilli sauce, cheese and lettuce.

Angry Bird (RM 8.00)

Beef patty,cheese,chilli sauce,lettuce and pineapple.
 This is a plain and simple burger for those who wants a regular burger. 

This is Iskandar (the owner of KK Burger Bakar) 
and according to him..this huge burger was inspired from Australia.

 Salsa Chic (RM 8.00)

Chicken patty, cheese, chilli sauce and lettuce.
For chicken lovers, this is perfect for you!

The Kinabalu Fighters, bloggers, cosplayers..etc group! 

Double Six Full Blast (RM 16.00)

2 beef patties, eeg, beef bacon, cheese,
 chilli sauce, black pepper sauce and lettuce.

Took away 2 of these for the boys in SICC and look at the size
of that burger! It's a perfect fit in that box!

Now..ask yourself this..


I am already hungry for burgers!  I definitely prefer eating at
 KK Burger Bakar rather than eating in Burger King. 

Before I go..
here is an awesome photo taken by Dino!
Left to right : Nathalie, Me, WendyCharlotte, Calista, Tom, Eric and Margaret.

For more info on KK Burger Bakar, click here!
You can also contact Ayu (0168380065)
 if you have further inquiries regarding the burgers!

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  1. OMG the burger bakar is so freakin' tall!! Looks delicious too