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Xplay 2012, The Bed Club, Kota Kinabalu

Hey everyone!
Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas this year!
I had an awesome one myself and also for surviving Doomsday.

last week I was invited to The Bed Club
to attend the Xplay event and IT WAS AWESOME! I had such an amazing time with Charlotte, Calista and Tristan!
Oh and I also bumped into Sherrie and Margaret too!

 Bumped into a really old classmate of mine, Zekiel!
Haven't seen him for years!

Got a chance to snap a picture with Dennis Yin from ECX,
who is also of Youtube fame having starred in JinnyboyTv productions etc.

 Left to Right : Tristan, Calista, Me, Charlotte and Sherrie

Michell, the organizer and climber!

The place was nicely setup and it was really a good way to spend my
Christmas which was partying with famous local artists as well as international ones!

 Dj Freeze from Malaysia!
Such a hottie!

Fire Show by the bartenders!
It was awesome and hot too! Like literally HOT!