Friday, December 28, 2012

Xplay 2012, The Bed Club, Kota Kinabalu

Hey everyone!
Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas this year!
I had an awesome one myself and also for surviving Doomsday.

last week I was invited to The Bed Club
to attend the Xplay event and IT WAS AWESOME!
I had such an amazing time with Charlotte, Calista and Tristan!
Oh and I also bumped into Sherrie and Margaret too!

 Bumped into a really old classmate of mine, Zekiel!
Haven't seen him for years!

Got a chance to snap a picture with Dennis Yin from ECX,
who is also of Youtube fame having starred in JinnyboyTv productions etc.

 Left to Right : Tristan, Calista, Me, Charlotte and Sherrie

Michell, the organizer and climber!

The place was nicely setup and it was really a good way to spend my
Christmas which was partying with famous local artists as well as international ones!

 Dj Freeze from Malaysia!
Such a hottie!

Fire Show by the bartenders!
It was awesome and hot too! Like literally HOT!

 Dj Ayu, all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia!

 Dj Loco! Funny man!

 VVXP Zone

 ECX doing their thing on stage!

 Last but not least, Dj Miss Dusk all the way from Melbourne, Australia!

Laser Man Show!

3 Smokin' hot Djs bringing the house down!

Us again!

Oh and guess who we bumped into that night?

Remember Atikah from one of my old post?
Well she is now a famous model living her dreams and busy travelling around the world!
So happy for her!

Had a really good time partying with everyone!
Thank you Nuffnang for giving me an opportunity to attend this event
and also XPAX for organizing such a BIG AND AWESOME event in KK!
Giving us KK peeps a chance to party with you guys too!
I can't wait for the next one!

(Picture credits to Sherrie, Loco and Xpax)