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Cotton On Singapore

This post have been in my draft like forever.
Totally forgot about it until today!
Just a short review on what I purchase from Cotton On Singapore early this year!

All the stuff that Meitzeu and I bought together!

Just love how everything is nicely wrapped!

Top : Boxy Printed Tee (Rm15.00), Ss Mesh Panel Top (Rm30.00),  Move Anorak Windbreaker (Rm50.00) Bottom : Brooke Yoga Pants(Rm30.00), Double Layer Crop Top (Rm30.00) 
 You can read bout my other previous purchases here and here! I've been shopping with Cotton On and so far I'm very satisfied with the products and not to mention how COMFORTABLE their apparels are! They have sales like all year long! SO SHOP AWAY!

Coffee Talk

Had a little coffee talk with the girls after our Kopi Ping Cafe food review last week!
It's been a really long time since we sat down and just catch up.

Before heading over to Starbucks in Suria, Meitzeu, Charlotte and I
decided to drop by my cousin's camera shop cause' Meitzeu had to get a memory card.
After buying her memory card, I got a little gift from my cousin!

She gave me this Clean Z Screen Cleaner saying I was the 200th person
to "Like" their facebook page! Lucky me! I was eyeing on it earlier but decided
to come back to get it a little later but instead I got it as a gift!

Then while catching up, we had a little gift exchange session since
Meitzeu just got back from her Indonesian trip and also me from my Thailand trip!

I got this lovely handmade keychain with my name on it and a really beautiful cuff!
Thank you so much Meitzeu for the gifts again!

Kopi Ping Cafe, Damai, Kota Kinabalu

Last week,  5 bloggers,Charlotte,Meitzeu,Chloe, Margaret including myself  were invited for a food review at the ever popular Kopi Ping Cafe in Damai. A little girl bonding moment for us.

FYI, they have WiFi in Kopi Ping Cafe.
For all my muslim friends out there, don't worry about the food.
They don't serve pork there.

 Here we have Meitzeu and Chloe.
Yes they are sisters just in case you're wondering.

Kopi Ping (Rm2.50)

This is my all time favourite coffee!
Not too creamy or too thick but just nice!
Its one of our locally made coffee in a bottle.

Teh C Special (Rm3.50)

I like how this Teh C Special is not too sweet
and it goes really well with the grass jelly!

Red Bean Milk (Rm3.00)

I always..I repeat..ALWAYS order this when I'm in Kopi Ping Cafe.
I love red beans and also creamy drinks and this is just my perfect kind of drink!

They have been featured on Groupon for their amazing deals!

 Left to right : Meitzeu, Chloe, Charlotte and Margaret

On …