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I Love Kopi Ping Cafe

A photo of Meitzeu and I winning the "I Love Kopi Ping Cafe" photo contest.
We were just walking around during the KK Food Fest 2013  in Suria Sabah and a friend of mine dragged us for a photo! He told us to stay tuned to see if we won and funny how when we both walked away  and we actually said that if we really won, it'll be one of the most funniest  and best thing that has happened to us this week!

Slacklining at Tanjung Aru Beach 2, Kota Kinabalu

A few weeks ago,
Dean, Roy and I head down to Tanjung Aru Beach 2 for another slacklining session.

Can you do this?

Or this?

Project Travel Mate

A friend of mine passed me this little cute bear. Apparently Chocolat (The bear's name) is a classroom project. It's project is to travel around the world.

How so? What happens is, this bear will be passed on to random people  around the world and people who received the bear has  to email the owner telling where it is now,what has it seen and etc. A little letter is attached together in the box with Chocolat as it travels.

I think its such a cute thing to do! Oh and Chocolat has to go home by 1st June!

Mamutik Island, Kota Kinabalu

What's up y'all? Lately I'm in the mood to just blog a lot! Be prepared for lots of upcoming reviews and other stuff!
Last month, Meitzeu, Alex (Meitzeu's friend), Faisal aka Mamak and I planned a little trip to the islands! A little getaway for the weekend! We went to Mamutik Island this time cause' there's not much people there compared to Sapi Island which is always packed with tourists.
 Left to Right : Mamak, Meitzeu and Alex
Beautiful Mamutik Island
Famous for its clear blue waters for diving, snorkeling and also its corals! Less tourists here most of the time which was such good news to us!

Monkey madness on the island!
Been working my butt of to get that bikini body and it was all so worth it!
All that running, climbing, sit ups, crunches, etc.. Dayummm I look good!
Can't wait to plan our next island trip again!
Just love the sun,sand and sea!

(Picture credits to Meitzeu) Be sure to check out Meitzeu's blog by the way! Loads to read there!

Happy Birthday Mr.Manager

Last month was Roy's birthday! We planned a little surprise birthday party just for him. 2 weeks of planning on what to get him and also what to eat.
Tried coming in with a huge surprise but he was busy at that moment.

A little chitty-chatty session over yummy food! We bought so much A LOT of food...
So..anyways,  what did we get him?   Ta-Da!
A brand new Techno Semi-Acoustic Guitar.
At least, that was a huge surprise for the birthday boy! We all know he loves playing his guitar, jamming on random nights just chilling in SICC with the climbers so we decided on a guitar!

Birthday boy trying out his new toy! 
Left to Right : Techno Semi-Acoustic Guitar, Roy  and his old buddy guitar