Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Product Review : ModBox - The Most Affordable Beauty Box In Malaysia (November 2013)

Hey y'all!
Recently I was browsing through the web and I was desperate to look for Dermedex products.
I mentioned about one Dermedex product before in one of my product reviews here and
 IT IS SIMPLY AN AMAZING PRODUCT! Its like a miracle potion!

Where did I find it?
Well, I found it at the ModBox website!
I previously read about the ModBox from my friend Cynthia from Your Shopping Kaki.
I'm a HUGE fan of YSK and I love reading reviews about websites and products.

 *click for better view*

Modbox is another beauty box I just discovered and I love their website!
Everything is pretty affordable. The best part is they have Dermedex products which is something
that is REALLY hard to find especially in Malaysia. Even if you can find it, its pricey!

Love the simple layout of the page.
User-friendly and unlike other pages I've seen, its just a mess.

So what do they have in their website?

*click for better view*

They have their very own ModShop!
Now, one thing I love most about beauty box websites is that they have a shop where they
sell the products they sent in their beauty boxes.

 This is good! Why?
Because that's when people discover what they need and what suits them and they can
immediately head over to that particular website to repurchase the item in full size!
I am one of those user who is always searching for good products that suits my needs.
ModBox is definitely on my favourite list!

I'm not being bias here but I'm being very honest. Most of my friends know how bad
my skin condition is and after discovering ModBox, its like a the best thing ever happened!
What I need it listed in their shop!

*click for better view*

 I love the cute icons on their information page!
Pretty, simple and easy to understand!

*click for better view*

Here's what you have to do.
During your purchase for your very own beauty box, they will ask you to select an item.
As you can see, I have chosen the Dermedex product. They will need you to select 3 items from the list and then they will customize your very own box.

Before the end of everything, you can add on one extra product/item into your box.
I added a brush into my box!

*click for better view*

This is how it looks after everything is done! Simple and easy right?
Shipping fees are quite reasonable unlike other websites which are ridiculously expensive.
Just shipping to East Malaysia, it costs RM15. How crazy is that?

So, after all that..

It was kinda late but I love how friendly the ModBox crew were.
They emailed me to inform and apologize for the delay.
Now that's what I call service! Which is why I think they deserve a review!

This is how the packaging looks like!
I was giggling when I opened up my parcel! Really cute box!

Dermedex - Biotox Cleanser & Refining Cream 2, 
Human Nature - Moisturizing Shampoo with CreamFoam (Lush Vanilla),
Ronasutra - 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder (04 Honey) 
& Ronasutra - Kabuki Brush (RM 38.00).

I'm so happy everything is is good condition!

Look at the lovely card I got! This really made my day even better!

Why am I crazy about this product?
Well, its because of this my skin became better and that allows me to use QV Skincare products.
QV Skincare products works amazingly on my skin as well! You can read it here!
Its for all skin type. If you don't believe me, you can try out their challenge pack.
I kid you not, you can see results in 3 days. 

Previously, I talked about this 2-in-1 Mineral powder in my product reviews. 
You can read about it here!

Look what came in the box?
A discount voucher! This is behind the Ronasutra card!
I can't wait shop with them again!

This is one of the best mineral powder I have used so far which is suitable for my sensitive skin.
I have a Combination and Acne Prone skin and this works just well for it.
I add on a retractable Kabuki Brush at the end of my purchase and finally I have it!
Always wanted to get the brush and NOW I HAVE IT! *evil laughter*

I love how they made the Kabuki Brush specially for people with sensitive skin.
I hate using sponges or puffs though people said its better for my skin but it feels cakey when I use it
to apply my powder. This brush is just the thing I need!

I love the scent for the shampoo!
I love it when my hair smells really nice after a shower and after blow drying it!
Who wouldn't like it when people tell you that your hair smells nice right?
Can't wait to see what they have for the December Beauty Box!

Click here to purchase your very own ModBox!

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