Friday, December 27, 2013

Burger Bar.Co by Party Play, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu

Hey y'all!
I'm back with another mouth-watering post!
 Its been a while since I did a food review.  Been busy with work, climbing and training.

A few weeks ago, a few of us bloggers were invited for a food review.
We were invited to Burger Bar.Co by Party Play in Lintas for some burger time!
I am not a fan of burgers but this one particular shop is an exception.

*click for better view*

Hungry bloggers waiting for food to be served!

Bourbon BBQ (Rm14)

This burger is by far one of the most special burgers I've ever tasted.
Its served with Blue Cheese! Yes! Blue Cheese!

Tori Katsu (Rm12)

Fried Chicken Patty with Tori Katsu sauce burger for chicken lovers out there.
Love that its breaded instead of floured. Crunchier and tastier!

Porky Porky (Rm14)


ITS HAS PORK BACON! *tears of joy*
It is so hard to find a place in KK that serves pork bacon.
Most places serve beef bacon instead of pork. Juicy pork sausages and crunchy pork bacon!
I'm in paradise!

New Yorker (Rm14)

I like how it is filled with Jalapeno Chilli and also Philadelphia Cream Cheese!
Not too spicy and not too cheesy but just the right amount of everything!

Mango Tandoori (Rm12)

This burger has a different taste with the mango and red onions.
A little bit of salty and sour.

The FarmHouse (Rm14)

Bacon and Swiss Cheese!
Nuff 'said!

Swiss Mushroom (Rm14)

Mushroom lovers! This is for you!
I just love how they're really generous with the amount of mushrooms they put inside!
The best part is.. its actually filled with Shiitake mushrooms!

French Connection (Rm14)

Filled with Marmalade Onions and Melted Brie!
How often do you hear burgers served with Melted Brie in it?
This is a must try!

Bloggers attack!

Its the most tastiest fries I have ever eaten!
I think I ate a whole kilo of fries in one night. I couldn't get my hands of the fries!

This is Arthur!
He is the man behind the scenes for Burger Bar.Co.
Very friendly and really fun person to have a chat with!
So if you happen to see him in Burger Bar be sure to say hi!

The Party Play (Rm14)

For those who are looking for just a regular burger, you can try this classic Party Play burger.
Classic Hand Burger with fresh tomatoes, pickle,lettuce and mayonnaise!
They serve it with their signature Green tea bun.

Jingle (Price N/A)

This special burger is served with their signature Green tea bun,
pot roasted Turkey shreds, hash brown, leg ham and mustard HollanDaise.

Very thick and filling burger for those who wants to have a big meal!
Messy but good!

Mingle (Price N/A)

Served with Honey baked ham, black pepper braised pork belly 
and some cabbage! Who says pork belly doesn't go well with burgers?
You should try this for yourselves!

Mingle and Jingle burgers are the Christmas burgers for this month!
Let's see what they have for the next Christmas!

L-R : Arthur, Me, Tom, Wendy, Dino, Jaclyn, Sherrie, Margaret and Thanis.

Wouldn't mind going back there again for another round of burgers!
Loads of different types of burgers to be tasted and this is definitely one
of the place I would recommend for fast food lovers.

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