Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Product Review : CosmoBox, Box Culture (June 2013 Edition)

*Image source from Box Culture*

Got my June 2013 Edition of CosmoBox and was really excited 
about doing another review for you guys! Cool stuff I got for June Edition.

L'oreal Professional Liss Ultime Masque, Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30,
Collistar Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate “Mesotherapy” Effect,
Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara,
b.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel),
Murad Resurgence® Hydrating Toner, CosmoBox Natural Looking False Lashes
and KADO Hair Studio 50% Voucher.

Its important to keep your hair protect your hair and for those who have
thick, unruly and unmanageable hair, this is perfect for you!  
I love it when I find L'OREAL Professional products in the box!

I'm falling more and more in love with Maybelline New York!
Their mascaras are like magic! I love how its waterproof and it really works
as how it says on the label. Sometimes when I go for climbing and running right after work,
the mascara just stays on and best part is it doesn't smudge. 

***Tip : Waterproof mascaras are hard to remove using normal makeup removers,
so get the water/oil based makeup removers to get the job done. 
It makes it a whole lot easier to remove rather than forcing it off with normal makeup removers.***

I tried using two different makeup removers and still loving the water based ones.
Instantly comes off leaving no excess on my lashes.

I love products with SPF XX | PA +++ .
Its important to keep our skin protected and hydrated at all times 
so don't forget the sunscreen protection and moisturizers!

We all have cellulite somewhere on our body.
It doesn't matter if you're skinny or chubby, male or female or something.. 
We all have it. I have it myself so I can't wait to try it out!

I even heard that this is also partly a slimming product that can help remove
the "orange peel" look and can reduce water retention.
Just spread a little over your desired area and gentle massage into your skin.

I hardly see a toner with a spray nozzle and it definitely gets the job done
faster with just one pump and all done! 

I'm sure we ALL hate black and white heads and we all KNOW that
it is hard to remove ALL of them and some are hard to remove.
I have a lot of those and I hope this we help. Would be good to have this to make the job easier.
Pump 2-3 pea-sized drops onto your palm and just apply on the T-zone 
right after cleansing and towel-dried face.

 CosmoBox Natural Looking False Lashes

I love how this falsies look so natural and so thin.
I tried it on and it looked like I did not even put them on! 

KADO Hair Studio 50% Voucher

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Berhala Island Trip 2013

Hey hey hey!
What's up guys? Its been a while since I blogged about Berhala Island.
Well, I went on a climbing trip to Berhala Island last month and it was still the best trip ever.
This year our group was bigger and more climbers came to join us on this trip.
Mostly were beginners and for us experienced climbers, we came back to finish
what we left unfinished last year and it was so worth the time.

(Day 1)

Vince, Roy and Kenny came to pick me up from my house and we began our journey.
We left KK at 1.30pm and was expecting to arrive in Sandakan by 7pm.
We're meeting up with the rest of the climbers in Sandakan so we had to be there early.

We made our first stop at Nabalu Pink Cafe for lunch.
The food here was really good but slightly pricey.
They serve Chinese to Western food and they have their own bakery as well.

View of Kundasang Town from the Cafe and it was really hazy.

Nasi Pandan Kari Ayam (Rm8.90)

This was really good according to Vince and Roy since they always stop by here
if they have to drive down to Sandakan. The Pandan rice looks really appetizing!

Nabalu Kuey Teow Goreng (Rm9.80)

This is one of the best fried Kuey Teow I have eaten so far.
For that price it was really worth it. The portion was so huge like it was for 2 people!
Slightly spicy but just the right amount.

We arrived in Sandakan at 8.30pm and immediately checked in to a budget hotel.
This budget hotel has a little cafe downstairs.

Brought a book along to keep me company when I get bored.

We had a welcome treat from the owner and it was good!

Banana Fritters served with Lemon Grass Tea

We crashed really early for the night.
Was really drained from the car ride and really dizzy.
Thank God the room had a really nice comfy bed.

(Day 2)

After a peaceful night of sleep, we woke up to an awesome breakfast down at the cafe! 
I always loved how there is always a cafe or kitchen prepared for you to
either make your own breakfast or breakfast that is prepared for you which is
included in the package for staying in the hotel/homestay.

Pancakes served with Maple Syrup and a cup of Coffee/Tea

Simple yet awesome breakfast to kick start the day.

This fish market is the cleanest and driest market in Sabah according to Roy.
Its right opposite our hotel.

He was so right about the place.
Its really clean and dry.

The view of our hotel from the market.

Max, Derrick and Farid (climbers from Petronas) flew in from KL to Sandakan
to meet up with us while we had to wait for another 2 climbers to arrive from Tawau.

Su Lan


These two ladies drove all the way from Tawau at 4.30am down to Sandakan
for the Berhala Island Trip! Such determination and motivation!

Once everyone gathered up, we made our way to the back of the Fish Market where the jetty is.
Brought our equipments along and also our anticipation to climb!
Weather was definitely on our side the whole weekend.

Our boat's here!!

Friendly and trusty boat drivers!

We had to make two trips cause' the boat could only take up to
max 7 passangers including the drivers.

Beautiful rock face of Berhala Island

A good view of the whole beach and also the first group which arrived earlier started their climb already.
We decided to climb at Turtle Beach for the first day and the Main Beach for the next day.

Left to right : Vannessa, Su Lan, Me, Max and Farid

Roy and Vince

Kenny setting up the anchors and top rope

We were so lucky that it was a low tide on that day!
Su Lan even found a small pocket where she could keep her favourite
V-Soy drink from the sun.

Jump shots are a must thing to do when you're at the beach!

Left to Right : Roy, Max, Kenny, Vannessa, Me, Derrick, Su Lan, Vince and Farid.

We climbed from 12.30pm till 4pm and we had to leave by 5pm
before the sea gets rough. The first group left first while Roy,Vince, Kenny and I
stayed back to wait for the boat to return.

The view from the top of the rocks!

I'm sure you guys remember this view I took from my previous Berhala Island Trip.

Left to Right : Vince, Kenny and Roy

The Lost Boys of Berhala Island posing like its for an album cover.

Chubby short toes Vs Skinny long toes

We got a glimpse of the moon at 5.30pm from the island.

As soon as we got back to mainland, we rushed back to the hotel to get
freshen up for dinner. Most of us skipped lunch and was really hungry by the time we got back.
Vince brought us to Mile 4 to try out the famous Nasi Ayam Penyet.

Forgotten the price for this but OMG the sauce on the chicken was so good!
Not too spicy and really tasty!

The night did not end for some of the climbers as most of them went out
for a quick drink with Vince while a few of us crashed early.
Drained and tired from all the climbs.

(Day 3)

We all got up earlier this time and left for the island right after our awesome
pancake breakfast again! *Yum*

This time we went to Main Beach and was quite upset when we arrived.
The beach was so dirty! Rubbish everywhere and it was a high tide at 11.30am.
No place for us to put our canvas and bags so we waited a little later for the tide to go down.

Eat Blue Llama route, grade 5C+

Felt really good to be back at the Main Beach cause' I have some project routes
that were left unfinished and some were not even completed.

Chimney route, grade 5C

King Faizal, Patrol Killer route, grade 6C+.

Finally got a chance to check out one of the hard route with the tide a little lower.
Not an easy climb but we had a fun time bouldering below.

Left to Right : Max, Me, Vannessa and Su Lan

Calm blue sea once the tide was low

Our tanned feet from too much flip flops under the sun.
It doesn't matter what colour you are, we are always united as one!

Just when we were about to pack up and leave, the rain paid us a visit.
We had no choice but to wait for the rain to stop.

Fishing in the rain

Everyone hiding under the tree from the light rain.

A nice photo I snapped for Instagram before leaving the island.
Already missing everyone and also missing the good times we had in Berhala Island.

For more photos, click here!

Berhala Island, Sandakan, Sabah
Price : Rm185 per pax
(includes rental of equipments and boat fees)
*Note : Accomodation and Transportation charges are not included*

For more info, you can contact Roy at 0148511400 
or leave a message at the SICC page!

Sea View Sandakan Budget & Backpackers Hotel, Sandakan, info here!
I would recommend those who want to look for a cheap place to stay 
to check into this place. I give a two thumbs for excellent service and yummy food!

(Picture credits to Roy and Max)