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Giveaway : Winner

So sorry again for another delay! I was so tied up with work that I totally forgotten about the giveaway winner!

Here are the names on the list randomiser. Thank you to those who blogged about this giveaway  as you get another extra entry for this giveaway! 

Congratulations to Ding Ding Ding!! You're the lucky winner for this month's giveaway!
To those who participated in this giveaway, Thank you all so much for taking part and I promise to bring more goodies for the next giveaway real soon! Thank you for all your support as well!

Product Review : Benefit The POREfessional and Stay Flawless

Back in November 2013, I purchased a few products from Benefit which I was dying to buy
 a long time ago and finally got my brother to get it for me from Sephora, KL. I got the Benefit POREfessional and Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer  after reading a lot of good reviews online as well as hearing them from my own friends.
*Image source via Google*
The POREfessional & Stay Flawless
I really love Benefit products because of their really retro/vintage theme and also the product is really good! The only problem is that their products are pricey that's all. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase! 

I have been using Benefit products for a few years now but I have yet to try out their  skincare and primers but only their eyeshadow palettes.
 Smokin' Eyes
Big Beautiful Eyes
I have used these two palettes for years and I must say these are one of the really good stuff! Packaging made perfect for travelling and also to bring around in my bag for touch up. Really pigmented eyeshadows and…

Product Review : Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman

Last month, I have purchased a bunch of amazing makeup brushes.
I don't know if many of you heard of Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman but I have to say this,
Best discovery ever!!

*click for better view* *click for better view*
Previously, I have never heard of Real Techniques before until I attended this one beauty workshop organised by a friend. She told me a lot about makeups and brushes as well as how to keep them clean.
Suddenly,  she mentioned Real Techniques and it was the best brush she and her partner had ever purchased. FYI, they're both makeup artists. I looked into their makeup suitcase and almost all of their brushes were from Real Techniques.
*click for better view*
I did a lot of research and found a lot of interesting stuff about the brushes. I also love the design as well as the packaging for the brushes.

*click for better view*

Below is a list of what I have purchased.. *click for better view*

*click for be…

i-Pmart | Delivering Convenience To You

Many of you know that I am a Canon user and I have been travelling a lot  with my huge Canon EOS 500D everywhere I go. I love my camera but it gets kinda annoying bringing a big heavy camera around and I have been searching  for a smaller compact camera to make it easier.

I came across i-Pmart and I finally found my dream camera!
All the gadgets you need are available in i-Pmart.

I realised that the prices for the cameras are quite reasonable. Compared to local market prices in KK, I have to say i-Pmart prices
are way more reasonable than any other places I've surveyed.
 Canon EOS M (Red)
This is the camera I have been searching for which is the Canon EOS M.
Sexy Foxy Redthat is!
The Canon EOS M is the very first compact system camera from Canon,  who are the last major manufacturer to release a mirrorless model.  The EOS M has an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, new EOS M lens mount,  a touch-screen interface, Full 1080p HD Movie mode, ISO 100-12800 (expandable to ISO 25600),  a 3-…

Giveaway : Jumbo Treats in a Box


As promised, I am back with another giveaway! Another collaboration with Maguro and iBeauty this time for this Jumbo Giveaway!

*click for better view*
I have decided to make it a special giveaway with things you can use from head to toe! This is to make up for not posting the giveaway in February as promised but instead I am combining it with March's giveaway. I have put in more stuff for this giveaway which is why I call it the JUMBO Treats in a Box.
So here's what you have to do :  1) Be a FOLLOWER of Take Another Step 2) Leave a comment with your name,blog URL  and email address on this post. 3) Blog about this giveaway for an EXTRA entry. ***Optional*** (Only for bloggers)
**Note that all spammers will be disqualified.**
This giveaway is open to ALL my international readers too!
The winner will be selected via The winner will be announced on  28th March 2014.
It's just that simple! Good luck to everyone!