Monday, March 24, 2014

KK Burger Bakar, Market 88 , Kepayan

Last week, a bunch of us bloggers were invited to another KK Burger Bakar review.
Previously, we did one when they were in Tanjung Aru Plaza.
You can read all about it here.

It was really awesome to be invited again for another review with KK Burger Bakar
as I am a huge fan of their homemade burgers! Good to see that they finally expanded their business.
People need to taste these mouth-watering burgers!

I love this really vintage retro inspired collage!

The environment and setup was really simple and spacious!
Feels like home especially with the orange lights.

For those who've had the KK Burger Bakar burgers before, I have good news!
They're back with more burgers! Bigger, tastier and more varieties!
Their menus are flooded with loads of different treats for everyone of all ages
as well as for those who has different taste buds and cravings.

Classic Titanic

Classic Salsa Chic Green Day Bun

Chicken lovers out there!
This is for you!

Classic Double Six Charcoal Bun

Juicy and delicious patties!
Double patties for this burger!

Classic Lava Gunung Kinabalu Charcoal Bun

This is my favourite!
Its from the classic menu but this time made better.
Its with the healthier Charcoal Bun!

Classic Angry Bird

Ini Kali La PRA

To those who doesn't want the buns, you can order this!
Its a bunless burger!

For those who loves red meat, they have beef and lamb patties as well!
How awesome is that! Win-win situation for all!

Majority of the bloggers for this reviews are ladies and boy was it good to have
all the burgers to ourselves!

Our hungry tummy and the burgers!
Best treat ever after my crossfit training! Sinful and delicious!

I manage to have a few words with the owner of the place. Her name is Ayu Yahya.
Known her from the first day we met at Tanjung Aru Plaza and it was good to see
her business and passion growing bigger!

Here's what I managed to find out about the newly expanded KK Burger Bakar :

Me : When did you guys open for business? 
Ayu : Actually, we plan to open officially at the end of March 2014.
We are still in the midst of discussing the opening date. As for now, we are having this
Classic Opening which means that we are only serving what's on the classic menu at the moment.

Me : Did some of the names of the classic burgers renamed in the menus?
Ayu : Yup! Especially on the classic menu!

Me : What gave you the idea to come up with Rosy Red, Charcoal and Green Day buns 
instead of just the classic buns?
Ayu : Its unique! Instead of having just the classic buns,we have come up with 3 types of our special buns which is Rose Velvet (red bun with a hint of rose flavour), Green Day bun (green bun with a hint of green tea flavour) and the all healthy bun, Charcoal bun!

Me : Any plans of adding different types of food choices into the menu 
such as cheesy fries, meatballs etc?
Ayu : Yup! Its up on our menu!

Me : Why Market 88,Kepayan?
Ayu: Cause' 88 is our lucky number! LOL! 
Besides, its in the center of KK so its much easier for everyone to drop by!

Me : Last question, any plans of franchising/branching out KK Burger Bakar in the future?
Ayu : Yes! Of course we do! Once our systems are properly managed, we will definitely 
 expand  KKBB all over Sabah!

*click for better view*

This is their new and improved menu!
KK Burger Bakar is located in Market 88, Kepayan!
(Right beside Austral Park Cafe facing the main road)

For more info , you can click KK Burger Bakar to find out more!
You can also contact Ayu Yahya (016-838 0065).

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  1. Hi there Bev. I've tried KKBB's burgers before when they were still at Tg Aru Plaza and I loved the chicken burger I had. I'm so glad to know that their business has expanded to a shop and new burgers on the menu. Just looking at the photos are making me hungry.. Hehehe...