Monday, June 23, 2014

Reel Rock 8, Jabatan Kesenian Dan Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah (JKKNS), Kota Kinabalu

A couple of weeks back, Reel Rock 8 tour was screened at 
KKIFF (Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival) which was at JKKNS.

Loads of activities during the event day itself and it was so much fun!
Mostly were climbing related games.

Finger/Campus board contest

Limbo Rock


Oh and there was also a blood donation booth too!
Finally got a chance to donate some blood with my team of ushers.

The best part of this event was I finally got a chance to meet the world champion,
master, teacher and not forgetting the legendary climber himself, Yuji Hirayama!

He came to KK back in 2012 and he came to visit SICC while I was away
in Taiwan for a family trip. Was quite bummed out that I didn't get to meet him back then
but now my life is complete! Got my second autograph by the Sensei again along with a whole bunch of photos for memories! He is so down to earth!

Every climber's dream to meet the Master!

Yuji Hirayama signing some poster during the press conference.

We brought him out to try a few boulder routes set up just for him and boy he made it looked
really easy! Weather was really humid but he had a great time!

Sensei trying out the slackline and guessed it wasn't for him.
He only managed to last for 3 seconds on the slackline.

Finger/Campus board challenge of the day for the Master was to do as many
pull-ups as he can in just 30seconds. He chose to do a 2 finger pull-up and the results..
15 pull-ups in 30 seconds! AMAZING!!

Breeze Magazine team dropped by for the screening too!

L-R : Eddie Gianelloni (Yuji's photographer) , Me and Yuji Hirayama

Even Tengku came for the screening of Reel Rock 8!

Yuji Hirayama accepting his token of appreciation presented by our big sponsor himself,
Mr.Wilfred Tok from Mountain Torq

We had a few lucky draw sessions throughout the entire time.
Prizes were sponsored by Black Diamond.

My friend and I were the photographers for this event and seeing all these prizes given away
made us want to cry even more. WE WANT THE PRIZES TOO!! *sobs*

A kid asking for an autograph before the Master presents his presentation.

Yuji Hirayama gave such a motivation presentation on how he started his career as 
a professional rock climber which turned into being the WORLD CHAMPION instead!
Not once but TWICE and it was such an amazing presentation he put up for us.
Also known for On Sighting most of the hardest routes in the world!

He had always had a dream to be a professional climber but he never knew he would be 
the World Champion that he is today! His focus and passion for rock climbing inspired us all
to be better climbers and to not loose track of our passion.

Ended the day with an awesome dinner and group photo with the whole 
organizing committee together with Yuji Hirayama!

All I can say is that dreams do come true if you put your heart into everything you love doing.
It may not happen now but you will get there some day.
"Wait for the right moment."- Yuji Hirayama

Would like to give a big shout out to our sponsors, Mountain Torq!
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this event as part as the organizing committee 
and also bringing in Yuji Hirayama himself! Not forgetting, Black Diamond for sponsoring
the prizes for the lucky draws. Last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to Yuji Hirayama
for being able to come to KK to inspire us all with your words of wisdom! 

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