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Birthday Wishlist

Hey hey hey! My birthday is just around the corner and I have a huge wishlist to show the world!!!  Adidas Performance
Adidas Response Short Tights (Size S)

Adidas Women's Clima Training Three Quarter Pants(Size S)
Adidas Women's Supernova Three Quarter Capri (Size S).

 ABN Sunday Skies Medium Compression (Size M) , Jungle Print Sports Bra (Size M)
ABN Annapurna Sunrise Crops 3/4 Length (Size S) , Jungle Print Shorts (Size S)
Descent Into Chaos by Richard Connaughton
Birkenstock (Size 39)

Toe Rings

Tiny Tea Teatox 

Just give me all the money and I'll be on my way!
Saving you guys the trouble to get my what I want. *evil smile*

I know..I know! I have no shame at all but least I'm honest bout what I want. I think as you grow older, you learn to only WANT things that you NEED.

(I know there are a few things I don't NEED but hey don't judge me!)