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Product Review : Balmsai by The Balm

Hey guys!
Yes I am back with another product review.
This time I will be trying out the new Balmsai by The Balm.

My friend, Richard just got this and he asked if I wanted to try it out since it hasn't been opened yet.
So I said yes and here we are doing this review. I heard from people that this was like a dupe for another palette which I cant remember the brand.

So here is the back of the packaging and I LOVE the shades.
I love the beach themed colour that was in this palette.

It comes with two different eye stencils.

Check out the shades!
The ones labelled with a heart are my favourite.

I tried it out on my lids and it was really pigmented but a little flaky.
Check out that shimmer too! Too pretty to resist!

I applied my Urban Decay Eye Primer (Eden) before applying the eyeshadows.
It should last for about 7-8 hours with a primer.
Without a primer, I'm guessing it would only last for 3-4 hours max.

I tried out the eye stencils and at first I thought it was an easy thing to …