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DIY : Healthy Tortilla Wrap

Hey hey hey! As promised, I'm back with another food DIY! Besides making the Overnight Oats for my weekly meal prep, I'm gonna be showing you one of my favourite thing to make and its perfect for all occasion. Whether it be for breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper or even a snack. 
So here's what you need :

Tortilla Wraps
Turkey Ham (Any ham of your choice)
Cherry Tomatoes (Regular tomatoes are fine too)
Cheddar Cheese (Any cheese of your choice)

Note : I grilled the Turkey hams and grated some Cheddar Cheese before I start wrapping everything.

First, lay out your tortilla wrap.

Then, start placing your lettuce followed by the turkey ham,
eggs, cherry tomatoes, onions and then lastly some grated cheddar cheese!
Be sure to not put in too much or else you might have a hard time wrapping it.

After that, fold the wrap according to the numbers labelled in the picture above.
To secure the wrap, I used a toothpick and poked in right in the center of the wrap to keep it fold…

Out with the old and in with the new

Hey y'all! As you can see my blog is looking a little different again. Just decided to give it a new look for this year and so far I'm loving the new layout.
Old Template
I love the white background so I decided to keep it.
It makes it look a lot more simple and clean and not forgetting the post layout position.
Decided to center it instead of putting it on the left, making it easier to read and scroll.
Made it slightly wider as well so it looks neat.

New Template
Picked a soft and light theme for the blog and managed to get a friend of mine to fix the photo problems as well as to fix a few settings that didn't work previously such as the reply button. The photos previously were all blur but thanks to my friend its finally fixed!

For those who commented before and didn't get a reply from me, firstly I apologize and know you know why I couldn't reply you guys. The reply button just wouldn't work previously but now its all good! Preparing for a lot of new post s…


Hey y'all! So sorry for going MIA again. 
It had been a really hectic December and I now finally got some time to blog.  Drafting up on quite a number of DIY and Product Reviews posts as well as a giveaway.  I know I haven't been as active as I was before due to some commitments I have.
2015 was quite a challenging year for me and hooray we've made it through the year! I can tell that 2016 is gonna be another tough and challenging year for me. Not to worry, I will still be updating my blog as usual and I will also be posting more on climbing and running too this year. 
So, cheers to the New Year! Stay healthy, be positive and always move forward! You'll never know what opportunity might hit you along the way.