Monday, October 30, 2017

Product Review : Granola Geeks | Delicious, Healthy, Homemade Granola

Hey y'all!
I'm back with another product review and I know many of you out there will like this!
As you can see from the title, its gonna be a healthy and delicious review so let's go!

So here we have Granola Geeks!
I have stalked followed their Instagram for almost a year now and I finally decided to order some for myself.

So who are the people behind Granola Geeks?

As you can see from the picture above,
its run by two childhood friends, Melissa and Hua who share a mutual love for baking.
Not just baking but also fitness! They both workout AND they bake.
How perfect is that?

I...can't even bake.
Ahem...moving on...

I love how the website is so simple and so white!
So easy to browse through everything.

I love how they display the granolas and the names they come up with is just too cute!
Very creative!

After browsing through the website for days,
I finally decided to get in touch with Granola Geeks and placed my order.
I had such a hard time picking out what I wanted and in the end I ended up picking 5 flavours when initially
the idea was to only get 2 flavours.

Once it arrived,
I quickly did an unboxing video for my Youtube channel because I just had to!
Not knowing what and how everything looked inside and really excited to see everything!

These were the granolas I ordered!

First of all, I just want to say I FRIGGIN' LOVE THE PACKAGING!
Its just too pretty! The pastel colour packaging is just too cute!

John Lemon & Coco Ono (Rm18.00)

Upon trying this one out, it doesn't have that lemon smell but more of a coconut smell instead.
Also after taking a bite, it doesn't have a lemon taste but a very strong coconut taste with lots of poppy seeds.
This granola had so much texture!

Livin' La Vida Cocoa (Rm18.00)

This one is actually my favourite!
As you can see it says that its packed with chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.
What makes it taste better, its DARK CHOCOLATE!
Nothing beats dark chocolate when it comes to chocolate flavour.

Dreaming of a White Citrus (RM20.00)

I actually like unique the taste is for this one.
It contains a lot of dried fruits in it and it also has ginger powder in the ingredients but it doesn't have a strong ginger taste so that is a win for me!
Smells like vanilla cookies and the taste is really good! I love the white chocolate!
It goes so well with everything in this pack!

Do the Hojichacha (Rm20.00)

I always wondered what the difference was between Matcha and Hojicha and I finally found out after having a chat with Granola Geeks.
Hojicha is basically roasted green tea! When I opened up this pack of granolas,
it smelled like a regular green tea but witha strong roasted smell. Tried it out and fell in love!
Love how strong the Hojicha flavour is and this would go very well with some milk!

Hey Matcharena (Rm20.00)

This one is actually one of my favourite because...its Matcha!
Who doesn't love Matcha! The smell for this one wasn't as strong as the Hojicha one.
Taste wise it was much more lighter and creamier! I just wish that everything was coated with more Matcha.

Spicy Sriracha Nuts (Rm11.00)

Before I opened up the package, I could smell the sriracha from the outside.
The smell reminds me of Japanese Rice Crackers soaked in soy sauce.
That's the best way I could describe this!
First bite was pretty spicy but after a few seconds the spiciness went away.
Pretty good and quite a healthy option for those who love snacking on nuts.

this was complimentary from Granola Geeks so just want to say thank you Melissa and Hua
for the mixed nuts!

***Note that all these granola contains nuts and wheat***

Conclusion ?
I would definitely purchase these again because of many reasons :

- Its all natural and made with original ingredients
- Handmade in Kuala Lumpur (Close to home)
- No Additives or Preservatives
- Price is VERY affordable for the amount you get in 1 pack
- Varieties of flavours to choose from
- Comes with a ziplock bag so you can store everything easily
- Nice packaging (DUH)
- Healthy snack for anytime of the day

So I would highly recommend everyone to give this a try if you're looking for a healthy option.
Something healthy to snack on in case of the munchies,
perfect for breakfast and also I love how it goes well with fruits and yogurt.

You can check out my unboxing video here.
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For more info on Granola Geeks, you can check out their website!
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***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not be suitable or it may not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for me.***

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Youtube Channel

Hey guys!
Forgive me for always being on and off on my blog. I actually have a good reason for that.
As you can see from my title, yes I have a Youtube Channel now and sorry for the lack of updates.
I have been busy giving myself a quick learning session on video editing to filming and etc.
Its a lot of hard work and I really respect Youtubers who are so dedicated. 

Its a pretty fun thing to try out and I will do my best to upload on both my blog and my channel.
Sometimes its hard to sit down and type when you're not at the right place at the right time and all you have is your phone or camera.
Recording is a good thing sometimes so thank you everyone who have subscribed and supported me through this journey.

I promise to bring you guys good content on my channel and more DIYs for you guys to check out.
For now, feel free to click here to check out my first video of me unboxing a box I got from Hermo!
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Thank you all!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Chiu's - The Modern Local - at Market 88, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu

A few weeks ago,
I decided to try out a new place called Chiu's with Roy and some friends from Loca KK .
I heard from a lot of my friends that they serve really good food especially their Tortilla wrap!
So, here we are! Its located at Market 88, Kepayan.
Right opposite Check-In (The old Chateau).

Hello Mr.Loca (aka Jonathan)!

The man himself, Roy

Their famous cold brew called Chiu's Cold Brew aka CCB.
(I know what some of you guys are thinking and no its not that word)

Here's what we ordered :
Chiu's Tortilla Wrap (RM11)

It has chicken breast, Cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple, Romaine Lettuce, Gremolata,
tomato salsa, Tuhau Mayonnaise and Serunding Tuhau (aka Wild Ginger Floss) with a side of homemade potato chips.

A little small but this is pretty good! Very unique taste with the tuhau mayo and serunding tuhau.
Love how it has so much flavour!

Pumpkin Soup (Price N/A)

Roy ordered this and he said it was pretty good.
Gonna try this next time!

Soft Shell Crab Rice Bowl (Rm25)

Hill brown rice topped with fruit salad and deep-fried crunchy soft shell crab.

This is pretty good but portion wise is a little on the smaller side though so for those who are looking to eat light, 
this would be perfect for you.

Mushroom Risotto (Rm21)
Add on Grilled Chicken Breast (Rm4)

Hill brown rice topped with grilled chicken breast with gravy ,assorted mushrooms
and garnished with some Parmesan crust.

This is by far my favourite! I love anything with brown rice. Very healthy stuff and if you guys didn't know, I LOVE MUSHROOMS!
This is a huge portion so be sure to share this with someone or make sure you are really hungry so you can finish this.

Sweet Potato Fries (Price N/A)

Homemade sweet potato fries topped with Australian minced beef
and torched Mozarella cheese.

It was good but a little too oily for me. I love how chunky the fries were and also how big the portion was.
The only thing was that the fries felt like its completely soaked with oil when being served.

Chiu's Beef Rice Bowl (Rm23)

Hill brown rice topped with Grilled New Zealand Rib Eye 100g, Sunny Side Up egg, Tuhau Serunding
and pickled papaya.

I haven't tried this because its Jonathan's food but will try it out next time!

Overall, I am pretty happy with the food.
Love the healthy ingredients used in all their food and also loving the ambiance in the shop.
Good place to just sit and chill if you're looking for a quiet place to work.

For more info,click here!
You can also follow them on their Instagram here!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Youtube and Malaysian Snacks

Months ago
I decided that I wanted to mail some unique food and snacks from Sabah to my favourite Youtubers, TabiEats.
They are known for trying out snacks, food and drinks from around the world and I figured, why not let them try out local stuff!
A bunch of us went food hunting to mail off to Tokyo, Japan and it was a crazy month for me as I had to go around a lot to get these snacks
and some were very hard to find but thanks to my friends and also my boyfriend, Roy for finding all the items on my list.

All these cost me Rm350 excluding the shipping fee.
So painful but worth the money shipping these over!

I bought 1 roll of cling wrap and surprisingly it managed to wrap everything inside PLUS the entire outside of the box!
Wrapped and taped tightly and we mailed it via DHL Express which cost me a lot of money but it was okay.
Thanks to Aaron and Roy for chipping in for the shipping fees it was safely mailed off to Tokyo!

I heard it only takes them less than 5 days to deliver to Japan and surprisingly, it arrived within 5 days! SO AMAZED!!
All we had to do now was wait for 3 months for them to review our box of food and snacks as they stated in their Youtube Channel.

In case you're wondering who they are, they are a couple of Japanese guys who happens to be a couple (very cute couple)
and they just love everything food and I have been following them for a year now and its pretty entertaining to watch them try out different things
and the expressions on their faces are priceless!

It was a crazy 3 months of waiting but so worth it!
So glad to open their eyes and taste palettes to trying out different things from our part of the country
and it was so fun to watch!

If you guys haven't watched it yet,
click here for Part I 
click here for Part II

Subscribe to their channel here and Like their videos if you guys love their videos!

Again, thank you everyone who were a part of this!
This wouldn't happen if it wasn't for you guys so thank you again!
FYI, I was not sponsored to blog about this but I just figured good things are worth sharing with everyone. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Trial Dive with Borneo Divers Sabah in Mamutik Island, Kota Kinabalu

Weeks ago ,
 a couple of us bloggers and Instagrammers were invited by Borneo Divers Sabah to Mamutik Island for a trial dive.
Super excited and very VERY nervous because as some of you may know, I am not the biggest fan when it comes to the sea.
I like going to the islands but not for the water part. I enjoy being on land, on the beach, soaking up the rays and playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee
and getting tanned while I'm at it. 

An opportunity came and of course I wouldn't turn down the offer.
I have heard many things about Borneo Divers Sabah and not only that, my late dad used to be a diver with them.
I always hear him talk bout deep sea diving, night dives, leisure dives and many more. 

So, being me, I would always want to try everything so I decided to give it a go.
Many people have invited for a dive but I was just not mentally prepared for it but this time, I am ready.
I needed to cross this out of my bucket list so here I am, with everyone , diving!

Meitzeu, Alex , Charlotte and I decided to meet up for breakfast at Tanjung Aru before our trip.
Its been a while since I had the Kon Lou Mee at this place. Packed as always.

A trio photo is a must!

So, we were told to gather up in Star Marina Jetty in Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa.
6 of us bloggers and Instagrammers were selected to participate in the trial dive activity for the weekend.

We had to register ourselves at 9am before heading off to Mamutik Island.
It takes 10-15 minutes by boat to the island and thank God weather was awesome!

We had to pay for the conservation fee upon arrival on the island.

After settling the conservation fee and other registration paperwork, we're off to explore Borneo Divers Sabah building and around the island.
We had a table prepared for us by our host, Charlene. Very friendly and sweet lady and she brought us on a small tour
around the island and everywhere else.

This is Philip. He's the Sales and Marketing executive based in Mamutik Island.
He was the one in charge of our diving activity for that day and also for us drowning.
(I'm kidding.)

Just to let you guys know that we are doing a trial dive which is run by Borneo Divers Sabah and NOT DSD
(aka Discover Scuba Diving). Its two completely different thing.
For DSD, you are required to take a proper class and go through an orientation while as for the Trial Dive,
its a much shorter course which only involves a quick and simple briefing on safety and diving.

We were asked to suit up, fin up and get ready for a short briefing before proceeding with the activity.
Now, at this point I was SUPER excited. Like so excited that I was sweating a lot.
Can't believe this was happening to me!

Group photo of us in our wet suits and to be honest, THE SUITS MAKE ME LOOK PUFFY!
Very comfy but so thick that it made me feel like I had extra fats everywhere but it's all good.

Philip facepalming us because we were noobs showing us some sign languages to use while diving.
This facepalm sign is basically when u feel your mask is flooded, inhale through the regulator,
and exhale through your nose while pressing your mask on the forehead area to push the water out.
(Sound so pro right! Alright, Im gonna stop now)

Also, we learnt how to communicate when there is a problem or if everything was okay.
One thing I found out from this activity, if you cant swim...thats the best.
Why? Because for a person who knows how to swim (like yours truly),
I find it VERY hard to sink and dive because you tend to paddle with your feet a lot which causes you to float.
So, for those who can't swim, this will be good for you because it will be easier for you to sink and slowly swim underwater
and not worrying bout floating too much.

Here I am with my dive buddy, Lucas!
Another thing to keep in mind, when going diving, you must ALWAYS have a dive buddy/partner.
This is for safety purposes in case something happens to you or someone else and they need help so do keep that in mind as well.

The funniest thing about gearing up, we had to carry our tank and I thought it was light.
IT WAS HEAVY! I almost toppled backwards but it was all good.


Here we are getting briefed on how to clean our mask and also put on our fins.
At least with the sea water, the tank don't feel so heavy and it was a lot easier to stand straight.
Took me quite a while to submerge my head as I was pretty scared.

Just so you know, I am not a fan of the sea.
Not a fan of being underwater but I will still give this a chance.
I always wanted to try diving but just too scared to try it out alone so having this opportunity to try it with my friends,
I feel a lot safer.

Proof of me being underwater!
Such a fun and exciting experience for me and I would definitely be back for another go if another opportunity does come up.
I highly recommend this for beginners!

The depth of the dive was around 8-10 meters so its pretty safe for those who are new and scared to dive like me.
I seriously didn't feel that we went that deep but I know my ears were about to pop a lot so I guess we were quite deep.

After our trial dive, we head back for lunch. Our lunch was a lunch buffet.
Charlene brought us around for another quick tour as soon as we finished our lunch.
She brought us to see the new dormitory that was built to accommodate 14 pax at the moment but the upcoming ones will be
able to accommodate up to 80 pax.

Here we have the very first Borneo Divers Sabah shack which was also their class and office.
Such a cool shack! I'm very happy that they didn't have to cramp up in such a small place now to run their courses
and also storing up their gears and equipments.

We were given a chance to kayak as part of our day trip activity and WHO WOULD SAY NO TO KAYAKING!
Let's go!

FYI , it cost RM70 to kayak for 30 minutes.
The best part about kayaking on Mamutik island is that the waters are really REALLY clear.
The kayak that we used were see through as well!

Here I am with my partner Duncan. Funny thing happened.
We were trying to paddle forward but we ended up getting twirled around on the water because of the wind and waves. 
It took us 5 minutes to get out of that mess and when we were out, heading towards our friends, we ended up twirling around again. 
So at the end of the day, we ended up trying to get our of the twirling situation rather than a peaceful kayak around . 
Now Duncan calls me his twirling buddy. 

We went trekking around the island to find a nice spot to take some photos.
Had so much fun but sadly we had to leave really soon because a storm was heading towards to island.

Love this panaromic shot that Charlene took for us!
Hardly get to spend time on the islands with my friends so I am very thankful for the short and beautiful weather!

Group photo from L-R :
Ken, Charlotte, Meitzeu, Me, Lukas and Duncan.

We decided to leave by 3pm as you can see the clouds behind us, weather turned gloomy within 30minutes.
As soon as we touch down at Star Marina Jetty, It started drizzling.
So , that's the end of our day trip as some of us headed off to INCH Coffee for a quick bite cause' I was starving!

During our coffee session , it started pouring outside.
When I say pour, it literally poured and flooded everywhere and I almost couldn't get home.
And that ends our awesome day!

So here are the details for the Trial Dive rates and Day Trip Package :

Day Trip
Adult : Rm150 per pax
Child : Rm105 per pax (3-11 years old)
Validity : 1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018

Includes :
- Return boat transfer from Star Marina Jetty, Tanjung Aru
- Jetty fee
- Welcoming drink
- Buffet Lunch
- Free usage of mask, snorkel & life jacket.
- Free usage of toilet and shower facility

Excludes : 
- Sabah Park Conservation Fee
- 6% GST
- Kayak
- Trial Dive

Trial Dive Rates
Price : Rm280 per pax
(E.g : Day trip package ( Rm150) + Trial Dive (Rm280) = Rm 330)

Would like to thank Borneo Divers Sabah for the opportunity to spend the day at Mamutik Island with everyone 
and also giving the trial dive a go. Definitely a wonderful experience for everyone of us especially me! 

(Photo credits to KenCharlotteMeitzeu, Charlene and Duncan.)

For more info on Borneo Divers Sabah, click here!