Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Product Review : Hermo Online Beauty Shop Malaysia

Hey y'all!
I'm sure you guys will be laughing at me when I tell you this.
I might be the last person on this planet to find out about Hermo.my website and I have to say, that place is heaven!
Every brand I could ever want to buy is there! Its all there!

I wanted to search for some brands that weren't available in KK so I decided to give Hermo a try.
Many people told me that this website along with Althea had a lot of Korean brands and they were sold at a very cheap price!
So, I decided to check it out myself and I kid you not, I almost cried. Best discovery for the new year! 

I love how they have a HUGE list of brands to search for and the website was pretty user friendly!
I was so excited I didn't know where to start! Too many to choose from.

Lately I have been stalking  watching my favourite youtubers,
Kim Dao and Sunnydahye doing some vlogs and reviews and they suddenly mentioned about this brand called Bbia.
From what Sunny mentioned, it was a new brand that just got released in Korea and the products are really good and really affordable.
She even mentioned that it is only available online and not out in stores yet so yeah, you know where to find it now!

I wanted to try out liquid liners eventhough I know I would really suck at it but I decided like hey, its the new year!
Let's give it a shot. Who knows I might like it and be pretty good it using a liquid liner in the future. So I bought it!

I opted for the poslaju courier and it arrived at exactly 3 days!
(Good job Poslaju!)

So yeah, this is what the packaging looks like from Hermo!

This is what I got in my parcel!

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder (2 for Rm38.00), Bbia Last Water Eyeliner in Mahogany (Rm 35.70) 
and 1 Hermo Kit and 1 Hermo Makeup pouch.

I got the Hermo Kit and Hermo Makeup pouc for free. 
I read that for every purchase of 2 items, you will be entitled with free goodies!
Me likey free goodies!

Bbia Last Water Eyeliner in Mahogany (Rm35.70)

When I opened the packaging, my eyes were sparkling. 
The eyeliner was so pretty!

I love how pointy and fine the tip is!
Oh and also, it contains pearls in the eyeliner so make sure to shake at least 5 times before using it. 

Sorry if you guys cant really see the Mahogany colour but the colour is true to what was shown in the website and I was really happy with it. I tried drawing a thin and thick line like how the other beauty bloggers and youtubers would do and I love how it glided on easily AND it dries up pretty fast!

I did a water, smudge and oil test by leaving it on my hand for the entire day with no primer or base and it lasted the entire day. Sorry I did not take any photos because I was rushing off for work. Like seriously from 9.30am to 6pm. It didnt even come off but what was surprising was I removed all the make up from my face and forgotten to remove it from my hand, I used just warm water to wash it off and it just came off like instantly. This product is definitely something I would stock up on.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder (Rm38.00 for 2)

So cheap I know!

Cutest packaging and puff ever!
The size of the powder is smaller than my palm and I was curious with how good it was since everyone was talking bout it. 

Tried it out and I like how it keeps my face matte for a while but it doesn't really last the entire day but I'm still pretty happy 
with how much it helps with keeping it matte. 

Hermo Kit and Hermo pouch (FOC)

Inside the Hermo Kit, they gave me a Silky Girl Makeup Remover, Brightening Lace Face Mask and Lanvin Marry Me travel size Perfume. 
I love getting travel size stuff and pouches so I could use them for travelling. I'm not a perfume person but more of a body mist person but this tiny perfume smells really good!

Just so you guys know, this is not a sponsored post. I like doing reviews based on my personal opinions,
feedbacks or whatever you call it but definitely not sponsored. I would love to get sponsored it I have a chance though. *dreams*

For more info on Hermo , click here!
You can also check out my two favourite youtubers,
KimDao and Sunndahye below :

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Youtube : sunnydahye 
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***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for my face and skin.***


  1. Wow. I am also a fan of both Youtuber Sunny and Kimdao!!! XD

  2. Gurrl! You've got good taste! Hahaha! They are like my idols!