Up2U Cafe 10th Anniversary (31st March 2018)

Hey y'all!
It has been a while since I last did a food review so today I will be reviewing one of my favourite cafes in town 
which is very well known for their Shishas and also the very place I got a job is Up2U cafe. 

This cafe has been around for 10 years now and I cant believe how much it has grown 
and also happy with all the improvements on their food and also the condition of the place!
They are located in Damai (right next to Captain Cook).

Love how the place is a lot brighter now!
Friendly waiters and also loving the very positive vibe here.
This place serves no pork and serves alcoholic beverages as well as Shisha.

So this is their menu. 
They not only refurbished the place but also made some changes to their menu.
Mixing the classic stuff with some new ones and I always love trying new things!

So for their 10th Anniversary celebration, they have prepared a special menu specifically
for this very special day which is a RM10 promo on selected meals. 

Before starting the review, 
we had some finger foods while waiting for main dishes to get prepared 
and I'm already loving the first thing that we were served.

Onion Rings (RM8)


Onion Rings & Atomic Chicken Wings (RM10)

I highly recommend the Atomic Chicken Wings because of the sauce!
If you look closely, on one side of the chicken wings, its glazed and shiny.
As for the other side, it just your regular old chicken wings.

So what's so special bout this? 
The glazed chicken wings are actually chicken wings coated in their very own atomic spicy sauce.
If you love spicy food, this is the one for you.
Spicy and sweet at the same time! A good balance of both.
Really good stuff there!

Also we had some drinks : 
Happy Beach (RM5) 

 TQ Berry Much (RM5)

Golden Mellow (RM5)

Sweet & Sour Fizzy Pop (RM4)

Here's the RM10 PROMO menu :
 Spaghetti Carbonara (Nett Price - Rm14)

 Spaghetti Bolognese (Nett Price - RM14)

Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Spaghetti Carbonara or Spaghetti Bolognese 
(served with mushroom soup and garlic bread)

The pastas were amazing!
Love the presentation on the plate and also love how the pasta is well seasoned!
Not too salty and not too creamy.

Next we have something that is not on the menu but only available on 31st March 2018...

 Chilli Dog (Price N/A)

 Cheesy Dog (Price N/A)

Root Beer Float (Price N/A)

Chilli Dog or Cheesy Dog
(served with fries and Root Beer Float)

The Chilli Dog is served with a chicken sausage 
while the Cheesy Dog is served with a beef sausage. 
I personally like the Cheesy Dog because of the taste of the sauce in it!

And next we have ...

 Grilled Chicken Chop topped with Mushroom Sauce (Nett Price - RM16)

Grilled Chicken Chop topped with Cheese sauce (Nett Price - RM16) 

Grilled Chicken Chop (served with a side of salad and fries.)
Sauce selection : Mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce or cheese sauce

I actually like the taste of the Cheese sauce!
I know I'm liking a lot of cheese from this menu but this particular cheese sauce 
served with the grilled chicken chop taste pretty amazing and I really love how it taste.
I highly recommend trying out the cheese sauce!

Last but not least ...

 Big Kahuna Burger (Nett Price - RM24)

Big Kahuna Burger
(served with fries)

This burger is massive! IT.IS.HUGE!
I heard they even have an XL version of this burger so for all you hungry people out there,
you should really try this out for yourself. This is just too sinful to watch! 
I love how thick and juicy the beef patty is 
and also the caramalized onions were delish!

For desserts...

Ice Cream Sundae (Price N/A)

The classic vanilla and chocolate ice cream sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles 
and also mixed in with some Nata De Coco (aka coconut cubes).
Y'all know there's always room for desserts!

UP2U Cafe 10th Anniversary RM10 PROMO 
Date : 31st March 2018
Time : 6.30PM- 1AM
Venue : Up2U Cafe, Damai

This RM10 promo is only available on 31st March 2018 
so be sure to mark your calender if you don't to miss this!

Oh before I forget, they are also open for brunch from 11AM - 2PM (except Mondays)!
So for those of you looking for a place to have breakfast/brunch/lunch, 
be sure to drop by Up2U cafe!

(Photo credits to Massy)

For more photos, click here!

For more info on Up2u cafe,
check out their Facebook page and also their Instagram!