Saturday, October 18, 2008

A blast from the past

Many have questioned how I looked back when I had my hair dyed,
high school life, and all. Well, here are the photos!


Oh did I mentioned? I love playgrounds!

Had a class outing at Wagamama Japanese Restaurant


Me on my 17th Birthday


Farewell & Graduation party


Beach outing with the buddies


Our phones
(Guess which one is mine?)

One of my ugly moments eating at YogurBerry.


At my cousin's wedding dinner

Family picture

Couzzie and I

My cousins
(See the resemblence)

Photos of Sarah and I before she migrated to Canada.

Oh before I forget, many of you have been asking if I have any siblings?
Well, I have a sister and one younger brother which makes me the 2nd child.

See NO resemblences?
She's adopted.

A photo of myself again

The year I joined a forum called
ClickStartPlay aka CSP (

Group photo time

I had more but I just couldn't remember where I stored the photos.
Oh well, that's all I can share with you guys for now!
Hope you had a good laugh!

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