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What's been happening in my life? Am I quitting the blogging world?

Aye everyone! How ya'll doing this 2020?  I hope everyone is in good health, safe and sound wherever you are. I'm sure you can see from the title above why I'm writing this post. Just to inform everyone that I'm still around but just needed a long break from the blogging world. I have been battling with a lot of mixed emotions, stress and anxiety from all that's happening this year  and its taken a toll on my mental and physical health. As we all know,  Covid-19 has struck the world HARD and it has affected everyone. People losing their loved ones, losing their jobs and many more. I had friends who lost their family members and their friends to Covid-19 and its just heart breaking. It had been a very difficult time for everyone including myself.  I am thankful and grateful to still have my loved ones with me and also a job to keep but I will definitely not take it for granted. So, the question now is  AM I QUITTING THE BLOGGING WORLD? Well, to be honest... I don'

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