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Food Truck Gathering at Damai Multipurpose Hall | Kota Kinabalu

To all my foodies out there, this is for you!
Y'all know bout the Food truck hype going on around in KK for a while now
and I have good news for you.

Thanks to Estona Events and Promotions,
they have gathered the food trucks to serve you guys at the Damai Multipurpose Hall
to serve you during dinner time so for those of you who don't know where to eat or drink,
you know where to go now. The best part bout going there is PARKING!
There are loads of parking so you don't have to worry bout not having a place to park your car because at night, this place is empty so be sure to grab everyone and have dinner there.
There are a variety of food and drinks for you to choose from.

 Now unlike you guys,
I tend to not bring much cash around with me and it gets frustrating
when you need to go to the ATM and grab some cash and after a while,
money is all gone and you have to repeat the cycle again.

Most of the food trucks there offer payment via Boost app, which is super convenient
if …

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