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Product Review : Major B Korea

Aye y'all!
I hope you're all doing good.
I'm back again with another product review!

I got a very special package from Major B and they wanted me to try out their products!
A big shoutout to Major B Korea for sponsoring today's post.
I have been given 4 skincare products to try out so here they are.

What is Major B?
Basically, they are an online shop that sells Korean skincare products for a very affordable price.
They are based in KK and they also offer a pick up service at their shop located in Solar On, Dah Yeh Villa.
Its on the 1st floor and you definitely won't miss the sign when you are in that area.

I have tried out these products for almost a month and I must say I am pretty impressed with everything.
I'm usually not the type who likes trying out new brands when it comes to skincare because I'm afraid it might irritate my skin and cause more breakouts.
A'PIEU Micellar Cleansing Tissue
Ingredients : Water, Glycerin, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric G…

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