Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crazy Adventure

Casts : Dennis, Esther, Pricilla and Yours Truly

I will NEVER forget this crazy adventure.

Why you ask?
 Well, here's what happened..

2nd December 2008, 8.30pm
Frisbee session was cancelled due to the massive downpour.
So we were thinking of a place to have dinner.

Right after dinner, I asked if anyone had any idea where to go next and
 SOMEONE (yeah that's you Dennis Chu) said "Hey! Let's go to Sandakan!"
 So i said okay and I wasn't kidding about driving there after dinner.

So, I drove down towards Telipok and Pricilla thought I was gonna use the other
route to send her home but I just went on. I asked if anyone wanted to go home and 
Dennis said "no ..keep going.." so yeah I kept driving on.

So, I came across a sign saying "88km RANAU".
I've passed 5 U-turns and I asked again if anyone wanted to turn back but 
Dennis said "nonono...keep going.." and again I kept going.

 I drove up into the mountains and even overtook a HUGE truck in front of me. 
As I was driving I came across another sign which wrote "77km RANAU" then "62km RANAU".
I started to notice that everyone in the car was quiet.
So I asked for the last time if anyone wanted to go back and FINALLY
Dennis said "errmm.. I follow majority la!"

Laughed so hard and made an illegal U-turn back down to Tamparuli.
Funny how we got lost in Tamparuli 3 times.

This time, I told them I'll be driving down to Tuaran and Dennis said "Okie bah! Let's go!"
Once we arrived in Tuaran, we visited my grandparent's old bungalow
 which was burnt down a few years back. Now its a swamp. 

Then someone suggested we go to Rasa Ria.
We took loads of pictures to prove that we were there that night (9.47pm to be exact).

Take 1

Take 2 and perfect!

Esther, Pricilla and Dennis

Pole huggers

Random moments

Final shot of ourselves before heading back to KK.
Crazy and adventurous night it was!

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