Monday, December 8, 2008


***Warning! Massive photo uploads***

HOBBYCON 2008 was a blast! 
I did not cosplay but I just dressed up as some random japanese school girl
and walked around taking pictures.

(Day 1)

They call me "Mika Lavigne!"

Mr.Vincent Valentine

Bumped into an old schoolmate, Wilson!

(Day 2)


Bumped into another friend, Dewi on the 2nd Day!

Reno from Final Fantasy

Al-Azif from Demon Bane

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  1. Hey heys XD Nice wig... looks familiar XP red suits you very well! And.... HEYYYY There's a Reno there XP but awwww it's a chick.... dangs.... No worries, I shall challenge that there Reno to an Ale drinking competition =D Hope you had fun at the event!