Friday, February 20, 2009

Going on a Trip

I love visiting Singapore but seriously hating those arrogant people!
Also there are some which are really nice and also friendly.
I admire their sense of style as well.

Too bright to even look at the bottle!

Group shot before flying off!

After arriving in Singapore!

Oh gawd..

Nerdy me

Mini snacks from the Japanese Buffet

Tiny donut!
Reminds me of Homer Simpsons! 

Banana Eclair
Out of the world dessert!

After our meal, I got a huge surprise.
Jon bought me VIP tickets to the Singapore Flyer!
My first ever Ferris Wheel ride! 

Can you spot it?


This reminds me of Jurassic Park

Stated on the map, we can actually see Johor when we reach the top.

The Esplanade

Field on water!

Click here to find out more on the Singapore Flyer!

My favourite snack!

Not really a fan of ice creams but Ben & Jerry's are like my favourite now!

MOS Burger 

Huge fries

Met up with Tulang and Alan for dinner!
We had Japanese again!

Tau Fu Fa with Soya Bean

Spicy Ramen

Goodbye Singapore!

Well, that's all for now!
Till then!