Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was so different hanging out without Esther.
It was just me and Pricilla.

Managed to catch up with Sarah after she got back from Canada!

Had a small birthday celebration for Sarah!

There are times when we have to say goodbye..
Its the day when we had to bid farewell to Sarah again.

My two girlfriends who just love to camwhore!

We had a little sleepover at my place.

Ngiu Chap (Rm6.00)

One day, I picked up Esther and Pricilla and Esther warned me bout'
something that she was about to show me. 
She swore I would crack up when I see it..

Seriously WTF happened to this!!

Most of you know that I love playing Ultimate Frisbee.
I've been playing for over 2 months now.
Made new friends and had an awesome drinking session after the game!

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  1. really panjang oh...hahahaa
    :) love you too sayang!
    wa! my after shower picture so ugly :////