Friday, November 20, 2009

KK Groove Bus Party

Last week, 
Esther, Soh and I joined this bus party organised by the KK Groove team. 
It was awesome!!!

What's a bus party you ask?

Its a party where we get on a bus which will bring us on a mystery tour. 
The bus will bring us to five unknown bar/club for that night.
By joining the group, you might get discounts or free drinks from the bar/club that we go to.

We went to Office Pub, Texas, Shenanigan's, Edgar's and lastly The Loft.

Here are some pictures from the KK Groove - Bus Party.

1st stop : The Office Pub

2nd stop : Texas

Sorry only got one picture for Texas.
Didnt take much here.

3rd stop : Shenanigan's

The coupons we were holding says
" Rm10 for one F**k(Shot) " 

 Meg from KK Groove

4th stop : Edgar's
(Unfortunately we didnt take any pictures when we were there..Sorry)

5th stop (Final Stop): The Loft

Mike and Meg playing rock,paper and scissors.

Well, that's all for now!
Till then!


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