Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happenings before the New Year

Many things happened back in year 2008.
I've made  new friends, joined a forum (ClickStartPlay),
learn new things (how to enjoy a real board/card game, frisbee),
learning to appreciate life and also learning how to let go..

Here's what happened for the past two months before the year end..

Had a small Christmas gathering over at Charlton's place.

28th December 2008, attended the Ultimate CSP Christmas Party.

Ugly candid shot of me.

"Hi..my name is..heee"

Got my nails done at Esther's place.
Her sister did a tiger theme for me which reminds me of Tiger Beer.

After party night, headed over to Rob's place for a small gathering.

Rob aka Kuma

Couldn't resist myself

Went over to the new KK Times Square to check out the new place!
They put up a cute Christmas tree!

And  this is what happened after that..
My dad passed away on 6th January 2009 (4.35am)
 in QEH (Queen Elizabeth Hospital).

It was the lowest and hardest time for all of us and I have never seen my mum cried..
My heart broke into pieces when I saw my mum like this.

Wherever you are. RIP and I know you are in a better place now.
Watch over us and we love you so much.

9th January 2009 was the funeral session for my dad.
As I know what my dad would tell us..Move on..Don't stay in the past.
Its hard but we'll try..

Had to camwhore before heading out for a drink