Friday, July 9, 2010

Save others? Or yourself?

Last night I made some plans to go for a blood donation
(Due to lack of sleep and procrastination) and so TODAY I went for it! 
Invited Krystal to tag along as I needed some company!
 She made a last minute decision to donate some blood too cause' she was curious.

Drove to the hospital and when we got there, we got lost.
Then we read the directory again and realised that we read the WRONG directory.
But yeah I saw the RIGHT one on the right side of the wrong one we read.
Get it? 

It says 4th floor and  right after we came out..
We were confused where it was.Too many signs pointing left and right.
Then we proceeded to the Blood Bank Section and filled in the form 
before proceeding to the next step.

We went into the room to get my blood pressure checked 
while Krystal was still dealing with the nurse and checking her weight
which was only 45kg (45kg is the passing weight to donate blood).

Mine was all fine and I passed! Unfortunately for Krystal...
The nurse came in with news for her...
( No..she's not pregnant.)

This was how the conversation went :

Nurse : " Hey moi..You cant donate your blood today.."
Krystal : " O.O Why? Not healthy kah? "
Nurse : " Not that you're not healthy..Its just that your Hemoglobin level is not enough to donate..."
Krystal : " Huh? Means I'm not healthy? How much do I need to donate?" 
Me : " Not that...It means you dont have enough blood to donate.."
Krystal " Huh? Why? "
Nurse : " Well..For now you only have enough blood for yourself..
Can't donate yet..You need at least +12 to donate.."
Krystal : " Then how can I make the blood level go up? "
Nurse : " You should eat more veges, meat n fruits.."
Me : " ....And yeah...Sleep more too...=.=''' You too skinny...
Dont keep saying you fat.."
Krystal : " =.=''' owkay.... "

Then after that...

I sat on the chair and the nurse gave me a
jab of anesthetic WHICH for some reason I felt a little sting!
(WHICH I didn't feel it at all at the previous session)

Then when she took the needle out and took an even 
BIGGER and FATTER NEEDLE which wasn't the same one
I saw previously too made my heart beat even faster like a rock concert.
Then I saw the blood flowing into the empty blood pack.

Always wanted to do that during blood donation..

The nurse gave me a Moo-Moo bandaid after the session was over!

Do you part too by donating some blood.
You may some someone's life just by giving a little.
A little goes a long way.

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