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DIY : Cropped Tank Top

Cropped Top - DIY Inner Blue Top - F.O.S Ripped Denim Shorts - Miss OCD Tribal Necklace - Red City, Centre Point
Here's another DIY done by Yours Truly!

I've made all these from really BIG tshirts I found in my closet. Since I'm not gonna wear em' so why not reconstruct the shirts into something else.
Here are the steps to making your very own Cropped Tank Top!
Supplies that you need :
Big Tshirts and Scissors

Step One : Cut off the sleeves. Cut at least 1cm away from the seams.
Step Two : Cut the collar part off. Then try on the shirt!  If the sleeves are too thick cut it again til the sleeves becomes slightly thinner.
Step Three : Cut off the bottom hems off and pull the fabric on all the part that you cut till it loosens and rolls up.
Then..YOU'RE DONE! This is how mine turned out.
Really simple right?

Here's another step to make another different style for your cropped tank top!
Supplies that you need :
Big Tshirt , Scissors, Buttons, Pencil, Thread and Ne…

DIY : Spiral Rainbow Tie Dye

Hey guys! I'm back again with another DIY project! Had to draw most of the steps cause' my hands were all covered in fabric dye.
Supplies that you need : White shirt, Fabric Dye,Gloves, String or Rubber Band, and some Salt.
Step One : Mark a spot where you want to make your spiral pattern.
Step Two : Use your thumb to twist the spot you marked on your shirt into a spiral.
Step Three : Use a string or rubber band to tie the shirt horizontally and vertically. This is how its gonna look like.
Step Four : Mix the fabric dye with warm water and put a tea spoon of salt in  and stir till the dye is fully diluted.
Step Five : Pour the dye on different sections. Make sure to pour it on both sides.  Then wait for 30minutes!

***Tip : Make sure to put on your gloves while doing this. If not you will end up like me.*** 

Its hard to get the dye off though so don't forget the gloves!
Step Six : Cut strings or rubber band and rinse the fabric till the water becomes clear.  And..DONE! How d…


Basic Tank Top - Singapore White Shorts - DIY Metal Ring - Red City, Centre Point Boho Beaded Necklace - Daiso


Bubble Star Printed Dress - Singapore Waist Clincher - The Attires' Attic Jewel Ring - Melody Love Fashion Snake Necklace - Clothes Bucket


Checkered Top - Melody Love Fashion Black Shorts - Citymall Tribal Tooth Necklace - Red City, Centre Point
Had a GINORMOUS dinner at home today with mum and man  I'm not kidding bout the GINORMOUS part.  Mum made SUPA GIGANTIC PITA BURGER filled with lettuces,pork slice,cheese  and mushrooms. Very healthy dinner for us today!


Hey y'all!
Here's a photo of me wearing my creation!

Beaded Off Shoulder Shirt - DIY White Shorts - DIY

DIY : Handy Pouch

Hey y'all! Recently I just DIY-ed soemthing.
Was cleaning up my bag and realised I need a pouch so I made this little handy pouch. My tissue packets and pads are always crumpled up in my bag so  I decided to make a small pouch just to keep them inside.

You can get these wooden buttons from any tailor shops  and as for the fabric, I got it from Daiso.

DIY : Beaded Off Shoulder Top

Hey ya'll!!
As many of you guys know I love doing DIY stuff. Spent a lot of time doing this! Had so much fun but was really tiring.  This DIY was inspired by my favourite blogger from Behind The Seams.
Check out her DIY lace nails and DIY Wrap-turn-Scarf. Looks quite easy and fun!

Inspired by Behind the Seams!
You can check out her DIYed shirt that she made too! Well.. the steps are quite simple!

Supplies that you need : 
Tshirt, Scissors, Wooden beads, Ruler, Pencil  and a Toothpick or Needle.

You can get these from the tailor shops. Its really cheap!
Step One : Cut off the bottom hem.

Step two : Measure how long you want the strips to be and draw a line across the shirt just in case the length of the strips that you're gonna cut are uneven.

Step Three : Twist the ends of each strip and begin beading it.  Its easier when you use a needle or toothpick to push the fabric through each wooden bead.

Step Four : Tie a simple knot! Its that simple!  You'll be amaze with the res…

Island hopping

Kenny,Jade ,Krystal (Jade's sister) and I went to Manukan, Mamutik and Sapi island  for a nice relaxing day on the beach!
Kenny the Dragon Fish (Inside joke)
Actually our trip was only to Manukan island  and suddenly the boat guy offered us  a FREE ( yes you heard me ... FREE ) not one but TWO trips to two other islands which was Mamutik and Sapi! Yay island hopping!
We snorkelled in Manukan but was really upset cause' the water was so dirty! So we brought our gears to Mamutik and Sapi instead. I brought along my frisbee too!
Didn't get a sunburn but a slight tan which I was hoping for after this trip.