Thursday, August 26, 2010

DIY : Spiral Rainbow Tie Dye

Hey guys!
I'm back again with another DIY project!
Had to draw most of the steps cause' my hands were all covered in fabric dye.

Supplies that you need :
White shirt, Fabric Dye,Gloves, String or Rubber Band, and some Salt.

Step One : Mark a spot where you want to make your spiral pattern.

Step Two : Use your thumb to twist the spot you marked on your shirt into a spiral.

Step Three : Use a string or rubber band to tie the shirt horizontally and vertically.
This is how its gonna look like.

Step Four : Mix the fabric dye with warm water and put a tea spoon of salt in
 and stir till the dye is fully diluted.

Step Five : Pour the dye on different sections. Make sure to pour it on both sides. 
Then wait for 30minutes!

***Tip : Make sure to put on your gloves while doing this.
If not you will end up like me.*** 

Its hard to get the dye off though so don't forget the gloves!

Step Six : Cut strings or rubber band and rinse the fabric till the water becomes clear. 
And..DONE! How did yours turn out?
Here's how mine look like!

Easy simple steps.
If you still don't understand how to do this,
You can email me at and I can guide you.

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  1. it turns out great! would love to try it out one day =)