Monday, October 18, 2010

Big? Bigger? BIGGEST?

Went to Kirameki Cafe with Esther a few weeks ago before she leaved for Miri again.
Had a good time catching up with the CSPians and one of them bought this GIANT Oreo.
 Couldn't resist taking a photo with it!

Goreo (Giant Oreo)

Was goofing around with my friend's hat!
Okay, maybe hats are not my thing.

Oh I had this really cute Omu Raisu (Omelette Rice)!
You can ask the maido (Maid in Japanese) to decorate the omelette for you!
Any design you want!

Usagi Omu Raisu (Rm3.50)

My little usagi (Rabbit in Japanese) Omu Raisu for lunch.
Taste pretty good with my fried rice filled inside!
You can get this Omu Raisu from Kirameki Cafe in Star City.

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