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Just another day at work

Hey ya'll! Today, Boutique Cupcakes have finally got own very own netbook! A small cute netbook for work! At least I can blog from there since I will be busy using it most of the time updating products and etc.

Cookie Craze Cupcake (Rm5.00) (Oreo flavoured cupcakes topped with chocolate chips)
Oreo buttercream
Happy-go-Lucky Kerry
A photo of me on a sunny day!

Just me

Purple or Pink?

My new pink contacts!
Many said it looks purple but its actually pink. Not really liking the ring around it but it doesn't matter anyway.

Your eyes remind me of..

" Your eyes remind me of .. a scary movie.."
A friend of mine said that to me when we were out having a drink last night. Trying out my new contacts I got from a friend! Loving it! Its fun when you need to scare someone and this comes in handy!

Trick or Treat

Hey ya'll! Been busy working in Boutique Cupcakes for a month now.. Hardly have time to blog but will try my best to do so! Halloween is one of my favorite festive season to celebrate but unfortunately I only manage to wear half my costume this year due to work.

Had on of the most creepiest halloween treat ever!
Now that's what I call Finger Food!
Halloween Themed Cupcakes!

Spot me!