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Recap for 2011

Good morning y'all! Gloomy Saturday on a New Year's Eve today! Just gonna do a recap of what has happened throughout this whole year! I must say this year was full of surprises for me!
I even made new friends and tried out new things! Not to mention I even crossed out some things that was  in next year's resolution list! xD  *Likeaboss.jpg*
Let's get started!
Mummy's 52nd birthday!
Had bangz for the very first time in my life!
Won a lil' somethin' from The Body Shop for  submitting an entry for Valentine's Day!
Spent Chinese New Year at Mei's place with the Boutique Cupcakes team!

A trip to Gayana Eco Resort after 4 long years for a food review with the bloggers!

Visited the orphanage!

Got a chance to meet Che'nelle!
*Picture credits to Hayden* Even got a chance to party with Che'nelle!
Not forgetting, I got a chance  to meet Henry Golding! 
Got a chance to meet Mizz Nina!
Mootz from Pop Shuvit!

Was involved with the Breeze Team for a photosh…