Tuesday, May 31, 2011

English Tea House and Restaurant, Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Hey ya'll! Looking for a nice place to 
have some tea but don't know where to go?
Well..I have found the perfect place!

 Just hop on down to
 English Tea House and Restaurant, Jesselton Point!
(Right next to Cock and Bull)

Love this place! I've been there 3 times this week 
to have tea and also for a nice relaxing day with my friends! 
The food spells Y U M! xD 

Was at E.T.House with Mei Tzeu and her sister, Mei Yee
having tea today and we ate so much that our tummy 
was begging us to stop! We drank a lot of tea and I think
I went to the loo twice before leaving.. =.=

Mei Tzeu from Sketches Of Life

This place is actually from Sandakan! 

Here's what we had :

Scone Set (Rm15.00)
2 Scones accompanied with Strawberry Jam and
Fresh cream, Mini Fruit Tarts,
Cucumber Sandwich and a pot of tea.

I just love their mini fruit tarts! I usually replace the
sandwiches with fruit tarts cause' I don't like cucumber sandwiches. 

Hot Baked Potatoes(Rm5.50)
2 baked potatoes served with salad.

I only manage to finish the salad and 1 potato.
I was so full even by looking at it!

Here's something else I tried a few days ago
from my last visit :

Club Sandwich
(Forgotten the price..=.=)
4 sandwiches with chicken,bacon,cheese,fresh tomatoes,
lettuce and cucumbers accompanied by fries.

This is a huge portion and my friend, Charlotte
had a hard time finishing it! xD

Garlic Bread(Rm5.00)
6 pieces of garlic bread

It was just okay for me for an appetizer.The fact that
the bread was a little soft.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie(Rm15.00)
Chicken and Mushroom pie accompanied by
mashed potatoes and some vegetables.

I ate the cauliflower before taking the photo.Was so hungry
and couldn't resist it! This dish is really filling! So if you're
 really hungry, this is perfect for you!


  1. Mmmm... Yummi, it look delicious. Btw, where the location of it? Not far from Imperial Hotel? Thanks...

  2. Its right beside Cock and Bull in Jesselton Point and its 10mins drive from Imperial Hotel! =)