Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre

Hey ya'll!
May is here and boy have I got loads to cross
out from my to-do-list this month! 

Anyways.. some of you guys know that I love to go
indoor climbing and yeah I do! Been climbing for almost a year now and 
still loving it! Just to let you guys know that 
but yeah I love to climb! Love the adrenaline rush! 
Good way to challenge yourself if you want to conquer 
your fears of height! Trust me it works! xD

Well, last week I dated Meitzeu from Sketches Of Life out to indoor climbing and 
she loved it! For a first timer she's quite a fast learner! Had so much fun 
climbing with her and her sister! Good workout too! xD

Here I'm teaching Meitzeu how to tie a rope the 
right way before climbing! I was her belayer for the day!

Up, up, up she goes!

That's me climbing by the way! =)

*Picture credits to MeiTzeu*
This one too! Nice shot by Meitzeu!!

That's Meitzeu's card!

And this is mine!

For those who are interested to find
out more on this,check out their facebook here!
You can also check out their website here!

That's all for now!
Till then!


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